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The Seed Bearers



Approximately twelve hundred of the Savasi return to Earth from the planet Harbonta in the Seven Sisters star system at the request of Elohim the Mother who comes to the prophet Leolian in a dream. They are the “seed bearers” and from them come the twelve great ancient civilizations of man upon Earth.


 1 And it came to pass that after the departure of the Savasi from Earth, the primitive civilization among the tribes of Gersan scattered across the world remained almost unchanged for many millennia that followed.

 2 The Savasi that had departed traveled to the planet Harbonta in the star system of the Seven Sisters, as this was the nearest world to Earth from which they had come where the inhabitants were their equals in culture, technology, and spiritual understanding.

 3 There they lived and prospered for generations upon generations, but not without turmoil, both from within and without.

 4 Within the star system of the Seven Sisters on nearby planets and upon Harbonta, there dwelt a few communities of Oolarians: the Savasi, the new settlers from Earth; Surtuas, another Alamar race civilization; and three other non-Alamar races. Other than the Savasi, all the others were at similar levels of technological advancement.

 5 Amongst these groups, especially between the Alamars and the non-Alamars, there were often frictions and hostilities, but never destruction or warfare. But those accounts are best left for another tome.

 6 And though the Oolarians were friends with the Savasi, they never shared with them the secrets of their great ships of space, and even after millennia, the Savasi were unable to duplicate the technology of even short off-planet space travel.

 7 After several generations had come and gone, many of the descendants of the Savasi fell away from faithfulness to the light of Elohim, and the history of the departure of their ancestors from Earth seemed to most Savasi to be only a myth.

 8 After a time, the Oolarians abandoned their communities and did not return, and this contributed to the vanishing of the stories of Earth from the memories of the Savasi.

 9 But upon a fateful day, in the eighty-eighth year of the prophet Leolian, Elohim the Mother came to Leolian in a dream and said unto him, “The Earth has matured and its people have evolved. It is good soil, waiting for the planting of good seeds that it might fulfill the fullness of its destiny.

 10 “You and your people are the Seed Bearers. It is given to you to do what your ancestors could not: to plant the seeds and cultivate the garden and bring to pass the blossoming of Earth and the people therein.

 11 Gather unto you twelve hundred men, women, and children that hold most true to the light and return to the planet of your ancestors.

 12 That the darkness will wane and the light will wax, go to the twelve places upon the Earth wherein dwells the largest number of people. Divide yourselves into twelve groups and let each settle amongst the people of one of these twelve places.

 13 Bring nothing with you of the civilizations of Harbonta, save those of simple workings. Let each adult carry only the clothes on their back, the knowledge in their minds, their personal possessions, and one hundred chavrons of gold with which to begin a new life.

 14 Consider yourselves to be Celestine teachers, and the people of Earth are your students. This is your sacred duty and calling from us.

 15 We have given unto all the children of Earth, born for the last seven generations, our light written upon their souls. Because of this, they were born not entirely in the mold of their parents, and they are in our image and ready for the greater light that you can bring.

 16 Teach them line upon line, by word and by example, of knowledge both temporal and spiritual greater than they know, that they may become a people as great as has been promised to them from before their world began.

 17 But seek not to transform them in a generation or even two or three. Give them greater knowledge only as they are capable of holding it with greater responsibility and stewardship.

 18 As I have spoken. So let it be.”

 19 And it came to pass that the prophet Leolian did as the Mother directed and gathered twelve hundred of the brightest lights from among his people to return to Earth, the long-forgotten planet of their ancestors.

 20 But in this task, he had many challenges, for at first there were few, even among the most stalwart, who were willing to act upon his words and leave the comforts and security of all their homes and civilization to journey to a more-primitive world so distant it could not be seen even with the most powerful stargazers.

 21 It was only after much persuasion, prayer, and fasting that 312 families, comprising just over twelve hundred individuals, agreed to make the journey to Earth and leave everyone and all they had known for all of their lives on Harbonta behind forever.

 22 Once again, it fell to the Oolarians and an Ark ship to return the new settlers of Earth to the planet. But few Oolarians still followed the ways of Elohim and a ship and crew were only procured after payment of three hundred chavrons of gold per passenger.

 23 It is fortunate that the divine Mother only directed the settlers to bring one hundred chavrons of gold each, as that was all most had left after selling all of their property and most of their possessions to raise the fee demanded by the Oolarians for passage to Earth.

 24 Even after divesting themselves of all of their possessions, it was only after some of the wealthier settlers and some with less children paid the passage for those still lacking the fee and some who were remaining on Harbonta contributed, that the entire 369,000 chavrons of gold was paid to the Oolarians.

 25 The trip to Earth took over three years, but finally the day arrived when the blue planet came into view and few were those who were not awed as the Ark approached ever closer.

 26 There was much discussion before their arrival about how best to make their presence known and integrate into the native populations, and the Ark circled the planet for three months after its arrival to give the settler’s time to study the languages and customs of the various native groups to which they would be going amongst.

 27 A varied approach to first contact, depending upon the inclination for violence or peace by the local people, was agreed upon.

 28 The families were divided into twelve groups of approximately one hundred each.

 29 Eight of the settler groups were coming among peaceful people, and they were quietly disembarked in secluded locations near local populations with the intention to first establish their own community and, shortly thereafter, make contact with the local people and integrate into their communities.

 30 The four groups of settlers that landed near native groups, likely to be hostile, were settled atop high, easily defended pinnacles, with the intention to fortify their positions and make gradual contact with the natives from their protected enclaves.

 31 Thus were the descendants of the Savasi returned again to Earth in number, and through them and their descendants, over the course of varying times, sprang forth the twelve great ancient civilizations of Earth before the coming of Elohim the Son.


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