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The Powers of Lanaka



Yeshua continues his talk to the members of the community and speaks about the aeons (energies) of the universe that can be controlled and used for things that would seem like miracles to those that do not have the same understanding. He also speaks about the energy centers of the body and specifically what their names are, what powers they hold, and how to unleash them, as well as the eighth energy center that is formed when all seven are in harmony.


 1 Yeshua continued to speak unto the Children of Light, saying, “My Apostles shall be leaving soon on a journey with me through Galilee. Before we depart, I desire to speak to you as my brothers and sisters of the Celestine Light and to impart to you teachings beyond which I give to the world, that you might be more surely guided and grow in your lives while we are away.

 2 Consider Aeon. What is it? Where is it? How is it?

 3 Aeon is from Elohim. It is everywhere. It is in everything, including you, and it takes many forms.

 4 Aeon is energy like a fire, power like a wave of the ocean, and a force unknown like a lodestone.

 5 All people are affected and influenced by the aeons that surround them, both those that touch them from other people and those that touch them from beyond.

 6 The people of the world understand that they are affected by mysterious aeons, but to them, the cause is unknown. Among the Children of Light, let those mysterious aeons be known and understood that they may be called upon as needed.

 7 You can enliven the aeons that are a part of you, and you can create and control aeons beyond you. Even as you make a recipe for the food you prepare and gather all of the ingredients, so too can you call aeons from beyond the oceans of the sky to accomplish what you will; so too can you create a shield that will repel aeons that have come upon you undesired and unbidden.

 8 Not with the natural man of the world are these things possible, but only with the Children of Light who live in virtue and righteousness.

 9 You have within your body seven abodes of aeon. Each creates an independent fire, but each is also affected by the others. When one is perturbed, all become out of sorts.

 10 As Children of Light, it behooves you to always be striving for balance in your life. As you reach for this worthy goal, it is wise to consider the state of your seven abodes of aeon. Are you continually nurturing and caring for each aeon in ways that makes the whole of your being vibrant and full of light?

 11 I am going to explain to you now about the seven abodes of aeon in your body and the eighth that is formed when all seven are in health and harmony with one another.

 12 The name for each one was not chosen at random, but is an essential name, for the sound of it spoken embodies the essence of the aeon and induces it to become more active within you.

 13 Merely speaking the name of the aeon attunes your spirit and body to that abode of power.

 14 Some of the sounds may not be familiar to you because of your native tongue. Therefore, let all learn together some of the melodies of Heaven.

 15 Your seven personal aeons of power, including the eighth when it is formed, are called the Lanaka.

 16 The sacred sounds of your aeons of power, beginning at the top and following to the bottom, are Xe (zēē), Ka (käh), Qo (kwōh), Ja (jäh), Za (zāy), Wz (wĭz), and Vm (Vĭm).

 17 The aeons of power align vertically, and there is a powerful relationship between all of them, as well as groups of them.

 18 When all of these are in harmony and unison, they create an eighth aeon of power, the sound of Oo (oo), which appears not in one place, but everywhere in you and outside of you. Your aeon of Oo radiates from the core of your soul. It fills you and everyone and everything around you that it reaches with the essence of your desire.

 19 Understanding the Lanaka within you is essential to your ability to channel the aeons of Heaven. It is not enough to merely learn of these seats of power and how to enliven them. You must also learn how they relate one to another and how to attune and harmonize groups together for specific purposes.

 20 You will first begin to learn how to do this with methods that take thought and time and action. But as you become accomplished and the master of your Lanaka, you will be able to call upon your seats of power and marshal them, with but a moment of thought.

 21 I will teach you some of this today, and my Apostles to whom I shall teach a fullness will share the greater knowledge with you in days to come.

 22 The first aeon is called the Xe (zēē). It is located in a space outside of your body and slightly above your head. This is the seat of power for your spiritual gifts. This is your straight channel to Elohim.

 23 Enliven your Xe by picturing in your thoughts and feeling with your senses the space just above your head.

 24 Take a full breath and slowly exhale. Near the bottom of your breath, begin to spin the aeon of your Xe round and round in various directions until you find the direction that is most comfortable for you.

 25 Breathe in and out again and spin your Xe once more, but now spin it faster and push it outward. Repeat this as many times as you desire. By this simple exercise, you highly activate your Xe and prepare it to serve you.

 26 But the Xe does not function alone. When you desire to call upon your sacred powers to heal another or yourself or to command nature as you need to fulfill the will of Elohim or any other thing that is good and virtuous, selfless and noble, you must form a harmony and unison of movement with the Xe, the Ka, and the Ja.

 27 A supporting harmony is necessary from all of your other aeons of power, but it is these three which become the active force, empowered by your faith to fulfill your desires.

 28 Below the Xe, residing within your head, is your aeon of Ka (käh). This is the abode of your thoughts, and your thoughts can be projected with both subtle and great physical power.

 29 Each moment, both while you are awake and while you are asleep, your Ka is forever active. Though it may rest, it never sleeps.

 30 One of your great reasons for being born into mortality was to give you the opportunity under the challenging circumstances of the physical life, to more fully enliven your Ka.

 31 Each day, in your normal activities, conversations, and thoughts, you call upon only the tiniest piece of the aeon of power, that is, your Ka.

 32 Imagine the many baskets of grapes that go into the vat to make a large jug of wine. If the full jug is the power of your Ka that can be, then a single cluster of grapes from among the many in the baskets is all of your Ka that is empowered by your typical daily activities.

 33 In the Celestine Kingdom of Elohim, no one is given more responsibility than they have knowledge to carry out that with which they are charged.

 34 Therefore, whosoever is of virtue and faith and gains greater knowledge and ability to call upon the power of their Ka in mortality shall have so much more opportunity in the world to come.

 35 Though mortality is but a few breaths of your eternal life, they are very significant breaths. In the fire of the furnace of mortal life, you must begin to think very clearly and well or you will be consumed by the fire.

 36 The challenges of the fires of mortality give you the opportunity to enliven a greater portion of the power of your Ka. If you take advantage of the fires and use them as a tool instead of a threat, the power and ability of your Ka will increase.

 37 Activate your Ka and all of your other seats of power in the same manner that you did your Xe.

 38 At least once each day, preferably soon after you arise and before you begin calling upon your Ka for understandings and decisions, you should, one by one, rapidly spin each of your aeons of power; that you may be fully enlivened and prepared for the day to come.

 39 Likewise, each night, before you enter your dreams, it is beneficial that you should enliven all of your abodes of aeon in the same manner.

 40 When you do this, continually say aloud the name of the aeon which you are empowering while exhaling a single breath.

 41 Below your Ka, residing within your throat, is your Qo (kwōh). This is the seat of power for your confidence and ability to express your thoughts and desires.

 42 In essence, your Qo is your faith in yourself. It partners with any and every other aeon of power as needed, and no other aeon of power can fully achieve its glory without the unwavering support and harmony of the Qo.

 43 Below your Qo, residing in the area where you feel the beat of your heart, is your Ja (jäh), the seat of power for your emotions.

 44 The Ka and the Ja-- what you think and what you feel—are the two most important aeons of power. But to be magnified to their greatest potential, they must be in harmony with one another and called upon in equality.

 45 The natural man calls upon the aeon of his Ka when he thinks he needs it and calls upon the aeon of his Ja when he feels he needs it.

 46 To the natural man, the Ka and Ja are more often opponents rather than friends, and many people guide their lives by their preference for one, while ignoring the other.

 47 In truth, one without the other is like a mallet without a chisel. Certainly, you can do some things with either alone, but together you can build something of greatness.

 48 So it is with your Ka and Ja. They have very similar sounds, the only two aeons within you that do, a testament indeed that they were designed by Elohim to be used together in harmony.

 49 You should train yourself to never rely just on one or the other, but whenever one is called upon, let it always call its opposite twin that they might merge in a harmony of truth, light, and power.

 50 Whenever a choice is to be made, ask your Ja how it feels and ask the Ka what it thinks and allow them to be equal partners in the choice to be made.

 51 I would speak now of the harmony of three. Three is an even more empowering number, a very strong union capable of great power, as you see in the Father, the Mother, and the Son that are the Elohim of this world and the heavens above.

 52 Do you want your Xe to manifest the powers of Celestine Light unto you? First empower and spin your Ka and then your Ja, and then your Ka and your Ja in perfect harmony and unison.

 53 Then enliven and spin your Xe. Once it is moving with excitement, marry it in harmony to the movements of the Ka and the Ja, so the three move as one, even as the three who are Elohim act as one in all things of consequence.

 54 When the Xe and the Ka and the Ja are enlivened and move together in unison as one, your aeon of Aura, the field of force that emanates from all that you are, expands outward in power and reach.

 55 When the Xe and the Ka and the Ja are enlivened and move together in unison as one, your divine soul begins to sing in resonance with the aeon of Elohim, which fills all things.

 56 In resonance and harmony, you will become one with the energies and powers of Heaven, and your faith will be whole.

 57 With the essence of faith filling your Xe, Ka, and Ja, you will no longer be as a mortal upon the Earth for that moment in time, but one with the Elohim, and all things shall be possible unto you, and the power that is faith shall be upon you and in you.

 58 It is in this state that you can most clearly communicate through prayer with the Elohim and most profoundly feel and understand the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit of Elohim as the Mother sends it forth upon you.

 59 Below your Ja is your aeon of (zāy). This is the seat from which you may call forth the memories of all that has come before this life.

 60 The memory of every moment you lived in Xeon before your mortal life is accessible through your Zā when it is helpful for you to remember and if you have learned how to channel it through your Xe, and see it in your Ka, and feel again the emotions that coursed through your Ja.

 61 For some of you, there is more than Xeon to remember, for some of you have lived in mortality before the life that is upon you today. Memories of the lives before this life can also be called forth by the power of the Zā.

 62 These memories do not reside within the Zā, but are inscribed by Elohim in the heavens and called forth by those who understand the mysteries through the aeon of the Zā.

 63 In the days of the first men upon the Earth in mortality, the usual life span of each man and woman was about three hundred years. Many lived to five or six hundred years and some such as Methuselah even beyond that time.

 64 Thus each person had many years to learn the lessons of mortality and become fully prepared to live in immortality.

 65 But the Earth changed, as did the people upon the face of the land. The foods they ate and drank become corrupted and full of death, and death and disease came into their bodies and upon the face of the land.

 66 As these things came to pass, the span of the life of man began to shrink; until today, a man has only a small part of the years that his ancestors had to learn the lessons of mortality and become prepared for immortality.

 67 Even so, most people still learn and demonstrate enough in the short years of a single mortality to be drawn by the resonance of their soul into the heavenly light or pulled to the cold and dark, in the life to come.

 68 Verily, for most, one life in mortality is enough, providing sufficient time that by the choices in life the individual can be drawn by their resonance to the light or the dark in the hereafter, as they will.

 69 But there are many, including those who die as children, that in their short mortal life of less than one generation, were not afforded sufficient time to learn the lessons of mortality and be given fair opportunity to become the resonance of light or darkness that will call to them in the life to come.

 70 For these, after they have died, they must return again to another life into mortality that they may be afforded the time and experiences necessary to learn the lessons of mortality and fully form their resonance of light or darkness.

 71 Only by this can they be drawn to their true place of resonance in the world to come.

 72 Therefore, understand the words which I speak. Most come into mortality but once. But there are others who will come twice and still others three times, and rarely more, until they have had the opportunity to participate in all of the essential experiences of mortality, involving family, friends, and the challenges of life, which prove their allegiance to either the light or the dark.

 73 Those of you that have experienced more than one mortality cannot freely remember your lives of the past any more than you can remember your preexistent life in Xeon.

 74 If you could fully remember your life in Xeon in the presence of Elohim, how would you develop faith? For faith is needed for belief in things you cannot see or have not proof of, not for things you can see and know.

 75 With the tiny bit that man utilizes the power of his Ka, it would become overwhelmed if all the memories of Xeon and previous mortalities were flooded upon it.

 76 It is for this cause that you have your Zā. Through the empowerment of your Zā, you can call forth into your Ka selected memories of your preexistent life in Xeon and any other lives you had in mortality.

 77 You can only call forth past experiences you have had that directly aid you in making choices and decisions in the life you now live.

 79 Perhaps in a former life, you found a special spot upon the lake where the fish always clustered. One day, you truly had a great need to catch fish, perhaps to feed your hungry family or to pay a debt. On that day, you could empower your Zā, which would then channel the memory of your former mortality to your Ka, that you might be fulfilled in your need.

 79 Perhaps in a former life you learned the secrets of the power of command. Now in this life you begin to study it again. If you studied just as a man, you would need to learn every step once more. But if you empowered your Zā, you could channel the memories of what you already had learned in a previous life, so you would not need to waste time relearning it all over again in this life.

 80 Without accomplishing this, to remember what had already been learned that is of significance, those who return to mortality squander their precious opportunity.

 81 Not that the memories will necessarily come instantly in whole into your Ka, but because of your past understanding and affinity, knowledge from your past lives will flow into you quickly and easily, like honey on a hot day into the bee man’s pot, as you command your Lanaka to make it so.

 82 And how may you know if this is your first life or another opportunity in mortality? Very simply, if you seek the past with the secrets of the Children of Light, but do not find it, then you know this is your first mortality and there are no memories of past mortalities to find.

 83 This will be the case for most of you and most of the people of Earth. If it is, rejoice, for in this, your first mortality, you may yet learn all you need and therefore progress much quicker than those who must return again to learn and experience what they did not in their first mortality.

 84 In addition to that which I have already revealed, I will teach my Apostles all of the secrets for empowering the Zā, and they shall teach them to you.

 85 Once you have learned these techniques, you may delve into your prelife in Xeon or your past mortalities as you need the knowledge in this mortality.

 86 On very rare occasions, Elohim will ask one of the pillars of Heaven to return to Earth for another mortality, not to learn more or experience more, for they were already a pillar of Heaven, but to fulfill a specific mission for Elohim. Such was the life of Yochanan the Baptizer, who was the prophet Elias come again at the behest of Elohim.

 87 Your Zā is also the portal to your primordial fears. Certain fears encompass all people. Because most of your ancestors for generations upon generations had cause for fear concerning certain things, the aeons of those fears become an active part of the Zā of all children born upon the Earth.

 88 Therefore, a child does not have to learn to be cautious of heights, for they have a primordial fear that is continually being channeled through their Zā, unbidden and unrelenting.

 89 Even as someone may benefit by recalling the memories of their former lives through their Zā, so every individual upon the Earth benefits from the collective knowledge of all who have proceeded them and shared powerful, similar experiences.

 90 Below your Zā is your aeon of Wz (whĭz). This seat of power pertains to all things having to do with your physical body: your health, your vitality, your strength.

 91 When you are confronted with a person who is physically diseased or ill, before you seek to channel the aeons to heal them or help them heal themselves, you must look upon the center of their Wz and then at the aeon, emanating to all parts of their body to determine the path and seat of their malady.

 92 Only then will you know which energies of Elohim to call upon and where and how to direct them to effect the healing you desire.

 93 It is exceptionally important that you do everything within your capabilities and opportunities to maintain the temple of your body, which is reflected in your Wz, in the greatest of health, for all the aeons of your Lanaka are hindered by the weaknesses of the Wz.

 94 It is possible, with great intent and focus, for someone that has been crippled to nevertheless empower the other aeons of the Lanaka, for though a part of them may be dead, the other parts are still very much alive.

 95 But for someone that is infirmed or enfeebled because of sickness and afflictions of the body, the weakness of their Wz overshadows all of their other aeons of power, and they must first refresh and renew the strength of their Wz before they will be able to know the fullness of their gifts.

 96 Below the Wz is the aeon of Vm (vĭm). This is the seat of your creativity and all things sexual, as well as a source of great activation and magnification of all the seats of power above it.

 97 Verily, the Vm is the most misunderstood and neglected of aeons.

 98 The priests of the world teach the suppression of the Vm and insult Elohim the creator by teaching suppression of the Vm in the name of Elohim.

 99 The Vm is the anchor, a foundation for all the aeons seated above it. When the Vm is suppressed, all the other aeons of power within a body are muted and cannot fulfill the full measure of their potential.

 100 It is Elohim that created man and woman. It is Elohim who gave them lust one for another. It is Elohim that gave them the ability to experience great pleasure when they activate, stimulate, and spin their aeon of Vm, both in works of creation and in sexual activities.

 101 If Elohim gave all of these things to men and women, who are the priests of the world that would take them away? Who are the teachers of falsehoods that call good evil and evil good?

 102 But do not mistake my words. There should only be chastity before marriage and only fidelity after.

 103 Men and women should not partake of the sacred, even to taste, without a loving and faithful commitment of marriage for life or eternity as they desire. To do so is a vile abomination in the eyes of Elohim and a sin that is only washed clean by a deep and profound repentance.

 104 In the Vm, you are given an extraordinary and sacred gift: a small but delicious taste of what it is to be an Elohim.

 105 You are not as the animals, but like a god enabled to make marvelous creations, from a tapestry to a boat, to a child, and to experience sublime joy in the process of the creation.

 106 Elohim has given you this wondrous gift of creation, but also told you that in the aspect of sexual relations; to have none with another, save with those to whom you have given an abiding commitment and bond through the covenant of marriage.

 107 By this, the gift of Elohim is honored, not desecrated, and men and women are uplifted, not degraded.

 108 By this, the sacred remains sacred, strengthening the bonds and contentment of those who have pledged themselves to one another. When the sacred remains sacred, you can experience a depth of love and fulfillment unknown to those who have trampled upon sacredness.

 109 By this, children are more likely to be raised by parents who will love them and teach them balance and respect, righteousness, and love of the light. When they are grown, they will make better choices and find greater fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

 110 By this, each individual may grow and expand far beyond the possibilities of the misguided who partake of the sacred without commitment to the holy, for the virtuous learn the divine lights of fidelity, compromise, interdependence, and selflessness, which fills their hearts with joy and fulfills their lives, love, family, and dreams.

 111 Therefore, in sexual relations, expand your Vm and expand it often, with creativity and diversity and nothing held back. But only within the sanctity of marriage to those to whom you have committed faithfulness and fidelity.

 112 The ways of the world teach that wives must obey and serve their husbands, but the ways of Celestine Light teach that in life, husbands and wives should serve and consider one another.

 113 And in their relations of intimacy, let the man find pleasure in serving the woman and the woman find pleasure in being served.

 114 When the weaker serves the stronger, both are brought down to places of greater darkness. But when the stronger serves the weaker, both are raised up to places of greater light.

 115 Nor should you feel ashamed or hesitant to spin the sexual aspect of the aeon of your Vm in solitude, both before and during marriage. It is an aeon of great desire. It calls to you often that you might become more than you are by helping to enliven all of your other aeons of power.

 116 But spin it with virtue, without thought of any to whom you are not married, save those who are merely imaginations of your Ka, and then only in ways of respect, not degradation, for this is an essential of an intimacy of virtue and true love.

 117 Verily, upon the foundation of the aeon of the Vm, all other seats of your power rest. As your Vm expands, so too do all your other seats of power enlarge.

 118 Of all the aeons of power, the Vm is the most easy to spin and enlarge. It is like the flint that easily sparks the fire.

 119 As it spins, it resonates with its opposite—the Xe. Thus, the Xe also becomes more activated and more capable of channeling the powers of Elohim through you.

 120 As both the Xe and the Vm harmonize, they spin together and cause a deep resonance within the five aeons that are framed between them, and all seven aeons expand and become full of light, filling your very body with strength and clarity, enabling you to see what you did not see, to feel what you could not feel, to know what you did not know, and to do what you could not do, because you become more than you were.

 121 Now I give a challenge unto the men of the Communities of Light. Verily, the women are more virtuous than you. They could look upon a naked man other than their husband, and they would not lust after him. But how many of you would look upon a naked woman other than your wife and not lust after her?

 122 Among the world, in the land of Palestine, women are forced to be covered from head to foot in formless fabric, that the men will not be tempted by the barest of skin that they might show.

 123 The men who are Children of Light must be greater than the men who are of the world.

 124 Through prayer and fasting, you must overcome yourself. You must become your own master and rule over every part of the mortal house of your soul.

 125 Elohim did not make the beauty of the bodies of men and women to be hidden beneath volumes of shapeless clothes.

 126 The sisters of light must not be required to be bound by the wickedness of the world, but must be free within the Communities of Light to uncover their head and their face and any other part of their body that they desire even unto nakedness, without worry of stirring the lusts of the brothers of light who are not their husbands.

 127 Therefore, let this be so in the places of the community that are set in privacy from the eyes of the world.

 128 And if any brother looks upon a sister with even the slightest of lust, let him cover his eyes and walk about as a blind man until he can look upon her only with pure and virtuous thoughts.

 129 And if he still is at war with himself, let him go into his house and remain there with prayer and fasting until he has overcome his adversary within.

 130 Each day, you should enliven and expand your abodes of power that they may become as useful to you as they were intended when Elohim gave you your gifts.

 131 When you enliven your abodes of power one after the other to begin or end your day, or even in the middle of the day if you are tired, there is an order that you would do well to follow, as the former is a spark for the latter.

 132 First, enliven your Ka, followed or quickly accompanied by your Vm, followed by your Ja, followed by your Qo, followed by your Xe, followed by your Zā, followed by your Wz.

 133 Once you have more fully enlivened each of your primary abodes of aeon, unify and amplify them as one with your Oo. Finally, after taking a deep breath in, slowly exhale. As you near the bottom of your exhale, spin your aeon of Aura as one energy throughout your body, faster and faster, until you can feel it alive inside of you.

 134 At the bottom of your next breath, speed your aeon of Aura still faster and expand it outward still further.

 135 Do this for as many times as you desire, each time speeding the spin and expanding your aeon of Aura outward.

 136 This exercise builds the divine powers inside of you, prepares you to more easily use them for good, and stores reservoirs of power in your soul that will abide in peace, awaiting for your call in time of need or desire.

 137 Verily, I promise unto you: I shall teach my Apostles all of the secrets of the seven aeons of power that reside within you. And with the worthy and virtuous, they shall share all that I have spoken and shown to them, and nothing shall be impossible to the worthy Children of Light.

 138 In this, you will no more be as the people of the world, but will know the secrets of your own creation and how to unleash the powers that reside within you, which Elohim has reserved for the righteous Children of Light.

 139 You will need no more worry about the powers of the world; for you will be above them and greater than they are or ever could be.”


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