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The Power of Herbs



Yeshua speaks to the Children of Light about the beneficial properties of herbs.


 1 It came to pass that on the following Sabbath, Yeshua once more spoke from the boat of Cephas to the Children of Light and others who had gathered along the shore of Lake Gennesaret.

 2 And he said unto them, “Good brothers and sisters of light and seekers of the Celestine Light who have also come and are among you, in recent weeks, I have spoken to you about the powers of sound and color and stones. Today, I wish to speak to you about the powers of herbs.

 3 Elohim has put all things upon the Earth that are needed for your well-being and health, and plants and herbs are special storehouses of both and much more.

 4 They can be used for healing and other uses, both great and small, and every Child of Light should become as familiar in their use as the physicians of the kings and as adept in their special properties as the priests of the Egyptian temples.

 5 I charge you to regularly teach the uses of herbs and plants whenever you meet together in your accustomed meetings, that all may be knowledgeable in this storehouse of treasure.

 6 There is almost no effect you cannot manifest with the proper use of herbs and plants. You can make a man appear dead or raise one almost dead from sickness back into life.

 7 You can make potions that nourish your crops while stunting the weeds and others that entice the butterflies and bees, but discourage the insects that would devour your fields.

 8 There are herbs to make your mind alert and others to fill your body with unbounded energy, while still others will sooth you into a deep and peaceful slumber.

 9 There are herbs to dampen pain and others that feel like fire yet cause no harm.

 10 For every malady, there is an herb or potion of herbs, and for every need of mind or body, Elohim has provided plants and herbs to be of benefit to man.

 11 Now you may say, ‘We will heal with faith and the powers of the spirit and call upon the aeons of angels and Heaven, so what need have we of herbs?’

 12 But I say unto you that when you heal by faith, you have only begun the healing, and what the powers of the spirit have begun are often best completed with the powers of herbs.”

 13 Looking out into the multitude, Yeshua pointed at a man on a litter that was set upon the ground, having been carried there from another city by his four sons hoping that Yeshua would heal him of his infirmity of the lungs.

 14 Yeshua said unto the man, “Simon of Bersabe, come to the shore.” After so saying, Yeshua stepped out of the boat and waded to the shore to meet him.

 15 Simon’s sons quickly lifted him up on the litter and moved him to the shore all the while asking one another how it was that Yeshua knew their father’s name and where he was from.

 16 Yeshua knowing their thoughts and words with one another greeted them when they met upon the beach and said unto them, “Marvel not at this that I would know your father and the place he calls home, for what shepherd does not know each of his sheep and wither they go and bed down for the night?”

 17 Coming to Simon, Yeshua held his hand and said unto him, “Last year, before you became ill, you helped to dig a well for your neighbor, and after the water had come in, you also left his wife with a gold coin from among the few you had saved for your sons. Why did you do this?”

 18 Simon was astounded that Yeshua should know this and his sons also, for though they had helped their father dig the well, they had not known he had given the wife one of his few gold coins.

 19 Simon nodded his head in affirmation and said unto Yeshua through a cough, “How you know this is a mystery. Surely Elohim whispered it in your ear. And it is true. I did as you have said, for my neighbor was in need. He was my friend Gastal, who had some months before been injured in a fall and had been unable to work much to help his wife and three children. I was one of many who helped dig the well. I gave the coin in secret, knowing it would help my friend’s family. I gave it to his wife because I knew my friend would not have accepted it.”

 20 “But when your friend recovered and was able to work again, you never asked him to repay the gold you had given to his family,” Yeshua stated knowingly.

 21 Simon’s eyes opened wide with surprise that Yeshua was aware even of this, and he said to him, “Surely, you are of God to know these things.” Simon proclaimed as he coughed severely once more, “So too, you must know that I would never ask a friend to return money given in time of need, for in such times, it is not a loan but a gift. Once it left my hand, I thought of it no more and would be offended if my friend tried to return it to me on another day.”

 22 Yeshua smiled broadly at Simon and said unto him, “Blessed are you, Simon of Bersabe. Inside you dwells the true Celestine Light of Elohim.”

 23 Then taking him by the hand, Yeshua pulled Simon to his feet and said unto him, “By the power of the Celestine Light of Elohim that is within your good heart, you are made whole this day.”

 24 Upon hearing his words, Simon took in a great breath, and breathing it out, he exclaimed, “My infirmity is gone. My breath is full and without cough!” Taking Yeshua’s hand in both of his, he bowed his head and touched his forehead to Yeshua’s hand, saying, “Blessed are you, Yeshua of Nazareth. Thank you for this wonderful blessing.”

 25 Then Yeshua put his arm over the shoulder of Simon, and facing the multitude, he said unto them, “Simon has been healed this day, but the cause of his illness remains, for the powders of the flowers and trees that grow all about his home are a poison to him, and this poison has begun to affect him more with each passing year.

 26 So he will return home and be well for a time, but within two years, his infirmity will return and once again worsen with each passing year, unless he follows this healing of spirit with daily consumption of the antidote for the poison, which is the pollen of bees mixed with a tea of Suman.

 27 So it is with many of the sicknesses and infirmities you would heal by calling upon the Celestine Light. The healing is complete for a time, but the problem will return if the cause remains. But with the use of herbs, the cause too may be overcome when it is something of the physical realm.

 28 Each day, if you will drink teas from the herbs you are given to understand in your Q-roms, you will live far beyond the normal years of man and live in health and vigor all of your days. Is something so simple and easy not worthy of the effort for a reward so great?”


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