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The Power of Aura



Yeshua speaks to the Children of Light for what is thought to be the last time before his crucifixion. He teaches them about the power of the aura and promises that he will always be with them as long as they hold true to the Celestine Light of Elohim.


  1 Several Sabbaths passed before Yeshua again spoke to the Children of Light of the communities on Lake Gennesaret. Instead, each day he spoke in private with his twelve Apostles instructing them in the higher mysteries of the Celestine Light, and how they should act and what they should do when he was no longer among them.

  2 With Miriam he spoke, more than any of the others. When the other Apostles had not yet arrived at his house in the morning, he would walk outside speaking in private with her. And when the other Apostles had departed after the day's lessons, he and Miriam would once again walk along the lake or up into the hills, speaking earnestly with one another.

  3 And it came to pass that on the seventh Sabbath after Yeshua had last spoken to the Children of Light, he gathered them once more very early on a beautiful, clear morning, to speak to them from the boat of Cephas as they were assembled in comfort along the shore of the lake.

  4 Because it had been many weeks since Yeshua had last spoken, there were no Pharisees present and few visitors sitting among the Children of Light.

  5 The scene was truly awe inspiring as the sun rose behind and a slightly to the side of Yeshua as he stood on the prow of the boat, and he seemed to glow from the intensity of the sun's light.

  6 Yeshua raised both of his arms perpendicular to the sides of his body with his palms facing the multitude and he said unto them, “Brothers and Sisters of Light, it is so wonderful to be among you! Good day to you on this glorious morning!”

  7 “Good day! Yeshua!” They all shouted as one.

  8 Still holding his arms outstretched to his sides Yeshua spoke to them saying, “The light of the sun is behind me, illuminating me, even till your eyes cannot stand to behold the light.

  9 But the light of the sun is also within me as it is also within you. Come to know the light of the sun that is within you, your soul's essence, even the very light of Elohim, and there will be nothing that is impossible to you.

  10 The physical light of the sun is a healing balm from Elohim that can cure illnesses of the mind and spirit, as well as the body.

  11 But though the sun lights and warms all the world, the Celestine Light within you is no less spectacular when called upon with knowledge and faith.

  12 The light within, your aura, is the very essence of your soul, and a literal part of the Elohim.  With it, you can be one in mind and spirit with all living things surrounding you, from the grass beneath your feet, to the birds in the air, and your friends or adversaries that may be gathered round.

  13 In your Q-roms in the coming weeks my Apostles shall teach you how to both see and feel the aura of your soul that emanates and radiates from your body.

  14 Even as the light of the sun emanates and radiates to fill all the Earth, so the aura of your soul emanates and radiates from you, to fill the void beyond as far and as powerfully as you have the knowledge and faith to make it so.

  15 In your imaginations hold your arms outstretched from your sides as I have been, and see yourself surrounded by a transparent sphere an arms length from your body. This is the normal extension of the aura of your soul from your body.

  16 Come closer than this to another person and your auras will interact.  Even if the person is a stranger and speaks to you not at all, you will perceive much about them through the interaction of the lights of your souls.

  17 If this person were then to speak, you can know if he speaks true or false. For regardless of his words, his aura cannot lie. If you then learn to be sensitive and aware of that which you feel when the light of your soul is touched by another, you will never be able to be deceived again by the words of men.

  18 When you call upon Elohim and the powers of the Celestine Light, and the assistance of the angels of stewardship to heal someone of their illness or disease, you know it is by knowledge, love passion and faith that it is so.

  19 But by what means do these great powers that you have called flow to and through you? Why do the angels of stewardship respond to your call? Why do the Celestine powers of heaven come when you beckon? Why does Elohim hear you among the cacophony of the innumerable?

  20 It is through the aura of your soul essence that all is accomplished.

  21 Just as the light of your soul intersects the light of the soul of another person when you stand near them, so does it intersect the light of the soul of the angels of stewardship, and of Elohim and the powers of the Celestial realms.

  22 When you have great emotion and passion about anything, it awakens your aura, empowering and expanding it.

  23 Add to this righteousness of pursuit, conviction of purpose, knowledge of method, and faith unwavering, and your aura can expand so greatly as to fill all the world, even as does the sun in the sky.

  24 Thus expanded, the light of your soul becomes a beacon that cannot be hidden. It is seen by all the hosts of heaven, and felt by all the powers therein. And all the powers of heaven shall come as you ask to fulfill the righteous purposes for which you have called upon them.

  25 But knowing this is not enough to accomplish it. You must teach one another and share your experiences, and listen to the teachings of the Apostles at length in your Qs, that you may come to an understanding of the feelings that come upon you, filling every fiber of your being with a tingle of awe, as you light the fire of your soul and expand it outward for good and glorious purposes.”

  26 Then Yeshua paused, and from the words he next spoke we must conclude that he was considering that this would be the last time that he would speak to the Children of Light assembled together.

  27 When after a couple of minutes of silence he spoke again, he wiped a tear from his eye and said unto them, “Brothers and sisters, let me say what an honor it has been to be numbered among you. You are truly the brightest lights of heaven come down to Earth to illuminate the world.

  28 Thanks to your efforts of spreading the good, sweet teachings of Celestine Light among your friends and families scattered abroad.  I have had the great pleasure of watching our number grow from a mere handful to over two hundred today, plus many delightful children.

  29 The day soon comes when you shall see me no more in the flesh. But know that I will always be with you in the spirit, and as you continue to live your lives in righteousness, you will always be my family.

  30 My mother and brothers are here among you, but you too are my mothers, and my brothers, and my fathers, and my sisters.

  31 And I shall always be your elder brother, watching over you, ever prompting you to live with virtue and to do good.

  32 The days to come will bring you both sadness and joy, but let there not be apprehension among you, for the Celestine Light of Elohim is ever in your heart, it is ever a part of you, and there is nothing upon the Earth that is greater than that.

  33 When I have departed from this Earth, you will know that the time of fulfillment of all that has been prophesied has come.

  34 This is a time above all others when you must carefully heed the guidance of the Apostles, and use your gifts of Celestine Light with prudence and forethought as you have been taught.

  35 Cephas shall lead you. Listen well to the councils and directions he gives, for through him, Elohim shall speak to guide and protect the Children of Light.

  36 Like the angels of heaven, each Apostle has been given a stewardship. Listen well to their councils within their stewardship, for when they speak and act within those realms, it is as if Elohim were speaking and acting, for they act in the name and with the authority of Elohim.

  37 In your darkest hours, when all may seem lost, hold fast to your faith in the truth and the Celestine Light, and pray and manifest miracles within your Circles of Power.

  38 Even so, when darkness still descends upon the Children of Light, fear neither man nor demon, nor the legions of Caesar, for you are the blessed ones of this generation, and unto you has been given the Angel of the Covenant, against whom neither man nor demon, or the legions of Caesar can prevail.

  39 It is Miriam of whom I speak; my virtuous wife, the love of my youth, the heartbeat of my eternity. In her will be vested all the knowledge I have brought upon the Earth, and in her resides the greatest faith of all the ages, by which the very Earth will tremble.

  40 Where much is given much is required, and where the tests are greatest there stand the mightiest.

  41 There are those who hear my voice today who shall no longer be among us ere the new moon rises, for they came for peace not turmoil, for ease not challenge, and knowing not the fullness of the Celestine Light, they still fear the power of the darkness.

  42 So must each of you choose to return again to the world, even though I tell you that you will not find solace there, or seek to know the Celestine Light even greater than you now do, that within its glow you will find passage through the darkness.

  43 You have heard it said by some to resist not evil, but I say unto you that evil is like the most noxious weed and if not resisted it will spread forth until it chokes all life from the land.

  44 Turning your backs upon evil will not make it go away, simply because you no longer see it. It will merely grow in power without opposition, until the light becomes darkness and you will no longer be able to avoid seeing it.

  45 Therefore, let it be others who run and hide from evil, but not the Children of Light.

  46 Let it be others that appease evil, hoping it will seek no more, but not the Children of Light, who know that evils’ hunger is never filled.

  47 You are the Children of Light. You are the guardians of the world. You are the bulwark that stands between the sanctity of the Earth and all living things upon it and the darkness that would overcome it if unchallenged.

  48 Therefore, ever seek out the vortexes of darkness and encircle them with light until they are purged and the land can breathe again.

  49 When evil rears its ugly head, be it from the actions of men or demons, even if it molests you not but seeks another, remember that you are lights to all the world; not just to yourselves.  And if you are worthy of me, you will always seek to overcome the darkness wherever it descends and replace it with light.

  50 Remember, you are not alone. I am always with you, and our Father and Mother in the Celestine realms hear your righteous prayers and answer them.

  51 So too have you one another, not simply as friends, but bonded in love as Children of Light. You are many, but you are one, and in that one, you are much more than many.

  52 And you have the Apostles, my brethren one and all. They will never betray you; they will never abandon you. They are as stalwart as the mountains of Lebanon.

  53 And you have Miriam. And in her, you have more than you can imagine.

  54 Therefore, make peace with yourself; pray and meditate, and pray some more. Decide if your path returns to the uncertain peace of the world, or remains with the certain upheaval that shall come upon the Children of Light.

  55 But know this: those that endure to the end, with faith unwavering and joy and good spirit remaining, shall inherit a marvelous wonder in this life and the next, more fulfilling than words can say, or dreams can dream.

  56 I go now to have some time with my family and then with my Apostles. Soon I shall journey once more throughout Galilee and Judea that all that was prophesied might be fulfilled.

  57 Those who love the light, follow me on my journeys, and we shall be one.”

  58 While Yeshua was speaking, many people among the multitude began to weep and when he was finished some began to cry openly and loudly, and many were heard to exclaim, “Please stay with us!”

  59 Hearing this, Yeshua spoke to them once again, saying, “Listen well to the words I speak and feel them in the depths of your heart: I will always be with you.  As long as you hold fast to my light, I shall never be apart from you.

  60 Wherever you are, I will be there beside you, and inside you, with a spirit that is more real to you than the flesh and bones you see before you now.

  61 When you are with your family and children, I will be among you.

  62 When you are taken ill, I will be there to help bring you back to health.

  63 When you suffer a loss and your heart grieves, I will be there to comfort you.

  64 When you are challenged by life, I will be there to gird you and strengthen you that you may overcome all things.

  65 When you seek to grow and expand your light, I will be there to inspire you and uplift you on golden wings to the greatness you can become.

  66 Verily, verily, I covenant unto you, as surely as the sun rises, my love for you will never falter, my faith in you will never diminish, and my promises to you shall forever remain true.

  67 I go now, not to leave you, but to bring to pass your eternal life, and to prepare a place for you in my Father and Mother’s kingdom that we might always be together.

  68 Therefore, rejoice!  This is not a time of sadness, but of joy.  This is the time when the prophets are fulfilled, when death shall be overcome, and the fire of Elohim is forever lit in the hearts of the children of men.”


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