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The Lands That Time Forgot



Contentions between the lands of the Seven Cities and the lands of Salatis lead to war, which results in the nuclear destruction of the Seven Cities of Tibar and the subsequent earthquakes and volcanoes that swallowed the great city of Kamari and all of the surrounding islands, giving birth to the legend of Atlantis. Before the great destruction, the remaining Children of Light who had remained faithful are forewarned of the imminent devastation and instructed by Elohim the Mother in their dreams to leave their homes, undetected by airship, and go to the islands of Guache, where the Great Library of Knowledge resides. For many generations, they expand in peace and prosperity, living fully in the light of Elohim. However, due to their advanced knowledge in the sciences, they begin to meddle in areas they should not, so Elohim intervenes in a most surprising manner.


 1 And it came to pass that the people derided the words of the prophet and hearkened not unto them. Instead, they departed in anger, each to their own land.

 2 During the months that followed the tides of war rose, both in the lands of Salatis and in the lands of the Seven Cities.

 3 In the cities of Celine, Patona, Iironth, and Ubarzaz, which had been created in the high mountains across the world at the time of the great migration from Salatis and the establishment of the Seven Cities, the people were restless and anxious because of the talk of war between the Kamarians—the homeland of Salatis—and the Seven Cities of the Tibarians.

 4 For years, they had tried to remain neutral as the tensions between the Kamarians and the Tibarians escalated, but now they were being threatened by both sides and pressured to align with one or the other or suffer the consequences.

 5 As violence and intimidation increased, in equal proportion did the people fall away from the teachings of Elohim, and the ways of the Elohim were no longer in their hearts or minds, save for a few in each city who remained true to the light.

 6 In Kamari and the land of Salatis, Dlamraka was chosen by the people to be the supreme leader, and with their backing, he intensified his efforts to convert the Oolarian technology, which they had inherited, into vessels and means for war.

 7 The Seven Cities of Tibar were not idle while Dlamraka was busy marshaling his lands for war. They too turned their technology into engines of destruction, and it was inevitable that once created, these mutual engines of war would be used.

 8 And it came to pass that each side began to make probing incursions against the other and to attack and destroy each other’s airships and outposts when it could be done subtly, without evidence left behind of the source or likelihood.

 9 But each side knew it was not by happenstance that their airships and crews began to disappear. Nor did they imagine it was barbarians that raided and destroyed their outposts.

 10 Soon, open warfare commenced, and it was the lands of Salatis that began to suffer defeat upon defeat, for their population was dispersed upon hundreds of islands, which, due to their isolation and relatively small populations, were not easily defended against the airships of the Seven Cities.

 11 Many tens of thousands were killed, and hundreds of thousands of refugees from the outer islands began to stream into Kamari and to the main island of Salatis.

 12 The people clamored for Dlamraka to protect them, but a few called upon Elohim to guide them in the light and the right.

 13 It seemed for a time that the Kamarians would go down to certain defeat, for the Tibarians had moved rapidly once they committed to war and had destroyed much of the Kamarian air fleet before they were fully aware that they were under full-scale attack.

 14 But Dlamraka was not worried, for his scientists were on the verge of creating a new super-weapon that would annihilate the Seven Cites, and he rallied his people to be valiant in their defense of the homeland, for though destruction rained all around them, he promised victory was almost theirs. And they believed him.

 15 And despite their horrific loss of life and property on the outer islands, they did mount a more-stubborn defense on Salatis and held the Tibarians at bay insomuch that the beautiful city of Kamari remained relatively untouched by destruction.

 16 However the military leaders of the Kamarians were angry and frustrated at their inability to wreck equal havoc upon the Tibarians. Because the Seven Cities were high in the mountains, they were much more impregnable and unassailable than the dispersed low islands of the Kamarians.

 17 But then Dlamraka went to them and showed them the weapon of the Sun that his scientists had almost completed, and then they understood his calm in the storm of destruction around them. And they too smiled with evil smirks of glee at the destruction they imagined would soon befall the Seven Cities of Tibar.

 18 The Prophet and the Council of the Twelve continued each day to go into the city and preach the light of Elohim to try to turn their people back to the light, but it was of no avail. Those few families who hearkened unto their words had already sought sanctuary inside the Holy Temple and upon its grounds. But the rest of the Kamarians closed their ears to their words and turned their backs upon them.

 19 And it came to pass that the Holy Mother came to the prophet in a dream as he slept. And she came also in a like manner to the leader of those who still followed the light in the Seven Cities and the cities of Celine, Patona, Iironth, and Ubarzaz.

 20 And Elohim the Mother spoke, saying, “The time has come for you who are still Children of Light to leave your homes and flee with haste, for the destruction of your cities and your lands is imminent.

 21 Take only what you can carry upon your back and leave by the evening of the morrow. Embark upon your speediest ships of the air. Lock your compass upon the isles of Guache, for it is only there that you shall survive and prosper as guardians of the light and the Great Library of Knowledge.

 22 Save for this group of islands and the people upon them and the library within its womb, all else of your people in all other places shall be destroyed by their own hands and a consequence of their actions.

 23 You must travel in a most circuitous route, even if you must circle the entire globe, and this that you will neither be destroyed by those at war or followed to your destination.

 24 And upon the isles of Guache, the Children of Light shall be blessed with the peace and prosperity until the time of their fulfillment upon the Earth. So be it.”

 25 The words of the Holy Mother were shocking to all who had heard them in their dreams, but they doubted them not, and with steadfast voice and sincerity that none could doubt, they related all that they had been told to their brothers and sisters of the light.

 26 And each of those who were told the revelation of the Holy Mother prayed on their own to Elohim and received confirmation of the truth of the revelation.

 27 Therefore, all did as they had been forewarned to do, and that evening from Kamari and each of the Seven Cities and also the cities of Celine, Patona, Iironth, and Ubarzaz, airships took to the skies and shot off into the night in many different directions. None were captured or destroyed.

 28 And in a single day, all of the Children of Light that had remained at any of the former cities of light upon Earth vanished.

 29 And it came to pass that so much had the people of the cities forgotten Elohim and the teachings of Elohim that it was not even noticed that a few followers of Elohim had disappeared.

 30 In Kamari, seven days passed before one of the officers of Dlamraka commented casually to him and fellow officers that neither the prophet nor any of the Council of the Twelve had been preaching in the streets for some days.

 31 Rather than be concerned about this, everyone laughed, made jokes, and generally agreed that having the religious people keep out of sight and quiet was the most helpful thing they could do.

 33 Thirteen days after the Children of Light had departed, Dlamraka called a meeting of his highest military officers and revealed that the Sun weapon was completed and had already been mounted to his personal airship.

 34 “Let us see a demonstration,” implored one of his officers.

 35 “No, no, that is not possible,” cautioned Dlamraka. “It is too powerful of a weapon to demonstrate on anything other than an actual target and that can be no less than a city, for the destruction it will unleash will obliterate everything as far as your eye can see.”

 36 His words were incomprehensible to almost everyone present, for until that moment, the most powerful weapon they had ever seen was the Takka Beam, which could do little more than destroying a ship or blasting large holes in buildings.

 37 Then Dlamraka outlined his plan to annihilate the Seven Cities. “But they are still our brothers,” protested some of his officers. “We cannot use a weapon such as this upon them that will completely obliterate them and the great cities they have built from the face of the Earth.”

 38 “And what of the spoils of victory?” asked another. “True victory would not be to completely destroy our former brothers, who are now our enemies, but to humiliate them and take their lands and their wives, and their cities and their wealth.”

 39 “Is that what they are doing to you?” screamed Dlamraka. “We have innumerable refugees in our city. Many of our outlying towns have been completely destroyed. There has been no mercy shown. Can there be any doubt that if given the opportunity the Tibarians would exterminate us all and our cites as well?

 40 No, your sentiments are noble, my friends, but they cannot be given into with such an implacable enemy as the Tibarians have become.”

 41 With such words, Dlamraka swayed those who counseled restraint, until even with misgivings, all were in agreement that they would attack and destroy the Tibarians until there were none remaining.

 42 And it came to pass that five days later, Dlamraka boarded his airship, and accompanied by the six fastest ships remaining in the fleet, cloaked in invisibility and piloted by his most loyal officers, they sped into the night sky on their deadly mission of doom.

 43 Each of the seven ships carried a Death Arrow, as they called it, one for each of the Seven Cities.

 44 It was not many hours before they were approaching the cities high in the Tibar Mountains. Their ships had been detected once they were over the lands of the Seven Cities, but due to their rapid speed, they were unable to be pinpointed or intercepted.

 45 Dlamraka’s eyes were wide with an almost crazed anticipation, and it seemed to be with great joy that he gave the order to “shoot the arrows.”

 46 At his command, a Death Arrow was shot out from beneath his ship and from beneath each of the six ships that accompanied him. Silently, they shot forth with blinding speed, making no sound other than the wind whistling mournfully through the tail fins and leaving no trail, each flying with unerring accuracy toward the heart of one of the Seven Cities.

 47 Immediately after releasing their arrows, all seven ships banked sharply and headed away from the Seven Cites as rapidly as possible.

 48 But looking back out their rear portals, the Kamarians saw seven brilliant flashes, followed by immense columns of fire that mushroomed into enormous clouds.

 49 Seeing this, they knew they had succeeded and that the Seven Cities and all the people in them were no more. With that poignant understanding, several of the officers became overwhelmed with grief and hung their heads, and many wept as they realized for the first time the enormity and irreversibility of the horrific action they had just taken.

 50 Even Dlamraka was quiet and reflective as he realized that in an instant, they had killed untold numbers of people and destroyed magnificent cities that had taken many generations to build.

 51 As their airships landed in Kamari, the men disembarked without enthusiasm, and none spoke of the terrible deed they had just accomplished. In truth, most were greatly ashamed and sorrowful, for they knew they could never right the wrong they had done.

 52 But they did not have long to contemplate their sorrows or evil deeds. The immense explosions they had unleashed, which had obliterated seven great cities, had also sent waves of shock and tumult through Earth, and these resounded within it like a bell.

 53 And Earth shifted and moved within. And suddenly all across the planet, earthquakes began to rumble and volcanoes began to spew forth hot red lava.

 54 Upon the islands of Salatis, death and destruction came suddenly and without end, for all of their mountains were volcanoes with every island composed of one or more peaks that had slept peacefully, even before the days of Noah. But now they awakened in a great anger because of the bell that had rung inside the Earth when the arrows had destroyed the Seven Cities.

 55 In a single day and a night, the island of Salatis and almost all of the islands of the Kamarians exploded or sank into the sea, wracked by immense earthquakes and buried by boiling hot lava.

 56 And like the Tibarians who had lived for generation upon generation in the Seven Cities, the Kamarians, in all of their cities, upon all of their islands, were no more.

 57 The distant, independent cities of Celine, Patona, Iironth, and Ubarzaz also experienced great destruction because of the shaking of Earth. Though many people were killed, many also lived and the cities survived for a time.

 58 But with extensive damage and loss of life and trade extinguished with the great cities of Salatis and the Seven Cities of Tibar, the remaining four independent cities languished, and within one hundred years, all were overrun by barbarian hordes, their cities destroyed, and the survivors taken into slavery.

 59 But amidst a world in upheaval, the islands of Gauche were an oasis of calm. The arriving airships carrying Children of Light from all over the Earth were greeted by the few Children of Light already inhabiting the islands with joy and welcome.

 60 The new immigrants quickly assimilated into one people, for all still followed the teachings of Elohim and they immediately felt the pull of brotherhood and sisterhood as Children of Light.

 61 On their one hundredth year upon the islands of Guache, an Oolarian Ark ship descended from the sky, and once again, the millennial celebration between the Children of Light of Earth and the Children of Light from the stars was reborn, only now to occur upon every hundredth year.

 62 During the next millennia, the islands of Guache remained isolated from the rest of the world, except for scientific-exploration parties. They were completely self-sufficient, and having been informed by Elohim of the complete destruction of all of their former cities, they sought no trade with the barbarians beyond the shores of their islands, and they lived peacefully and fully in the light and teachings of the Elohim, save for the guilt some felt at not bringing the light of Elohim to the barbarians.

 63 The greatest task of the Savasi, or Blessed Ones as they came to call themselves, was the care and expansion of the Great Library of Knowledge, setting to record within crystals and stones all knowledge of every science, the recipes for their longevity and healing elixirs, and diverse secrets of their ancestors and their spiritual powers.

 64 During the succeeding generations, Savasi exploration parties went to the far corners of Earth, making detailed studies of the plants, animals, cultures, histories, and ways of the various primitive tribes.

 65 All knowledge was encoded into either rounded, bi-color elongated stones or sharp-sided, clear crystals. Upon paper of any kind, there was nothing written of consequence or importance.

 66 Besides the fact that organic materials would decay with time and eventually turn to dust, the rocks and crystals allowed the Savasi to record a great amount of information in small and compact containers that would seem nothing more than innocuous rocks to anyone unaware of how to unlock the secret information stored within their structure.

 67 And amazing knowledge was stored within the rocks and crystals; not only all the knowledge of Earth and its true history, but also all the knowledge of the Oolarians and of all of the known worlds inhabited by myriads of civilizations beyond Earth.

 68 After a thousand years had passed, it was decided that some barbarians would be brought to the islands to help in the menial tasks that the Savasi loathed needing to take the time for. In exchange, the barbarians would be taught the path of light and given greater knowledge to raise themselves above the level of their creation.

 69 An expedition was undertaken that went out to several tribes of barbarians. Once contact was made and goods traded, the Savasi tried to convince the barbarians to come with them into their airships and be taken to a new life of plenty and peace, but none were interested in leaving their lands or flying in ships in the sky.

 70 For thirty-three years, the Savasi persistently went forth to various tribes of barbarians in many places around the world, but convinced none to come with them to their islands.

 71 Finally, at the end of the thirty-third year, when they were about ready to abandon the idea of bringing barbarians to their islands, two tribes agreed to accompany them.

 72 Both were tribes they had long had contact with, who had become familiar and trusting of the Savasi.

 73 One tribe of ninety-three adults and their children lived on the continent near the sea that had been the location of the islands of Salatis. The other, comprising 110 adults and their children came from the far north of the great continent.

 74 Within one generation, the barbarians were as civilized as the Savasi and they came to be known as the Gersan or People of Earth.

 75 Though their physical appearance was very similar to that of the Savasi, they were in fact a different species, and both the Savasi and the Gersans were forbidden by the word of Elohim, through the prophet, to be married to one another or have physical relations, because it was not possible for them to create children from their union.

 76 Nevertheless, there were some Savasi who did not agree with the decree that the two species should not mix, and in secret collaboration with rogue geneticists over several years, they succeeded in changing the genetic template of some of the Gersan women, successfully enabling them to bear children from a Savasi mate.

 77 They were gleeful in their success and despite the hesitant misgivings of some, most were anxious to announce their breakthrough and fully expected to be lauded as great scientists and pioneers.

 78 Upon announcing that they had succeeded in creating genetic modifications enabling Gersan women to mate with Savasi men, some people did laud their achievement. But the far greater number were shocked that the men had so blatantly disobeyed an edict of Elohim to not have physical relations with the Gersan.

 79 And the prophet Dilallon came to them and said unto them, “That you have disobeyed a commandment from Elohim is a serious mistake, especially that in your error, you have chosen to override the template Elohim gave for the Gersan, which is an unthinkable wrong.”

 80 But Letav, the leader of the geneticists, dismissed the words of the prophet and said unto him, “You speak foolishly, sir. We change the templates of the flowers to make them brighter in color. We change the template of the bees to make them produce more honey and allow them to live longer lives. For this, we are not upbraided but encouraged and lauded. Why then should we be condemned in the case of the Gersan?

 81 We were not commanded to refrain from changing the template of the Gersan, but told to not have relations with them because a union of a Gersan with a Savasi could not produce children. We have now made that possible, so the prior edict needs be void. No one has been hurt or taken advantage of in this, so how can you find fault and come upon us with such harsh words?”

 82 The prophet shook his head and looked first upon the ground and then up into the heavens. Then he spoke, saying, “How wrong you are, Letav, to think that no one is hurt by your actions. Do you think that given the opportunity to mate with a Savasi, any of the Gersan women so chosen will instead tell you "no," that they would prefer to find a mate among the poorer, more-simple-minded Gersan men?

 83 It will not be long before all the Gersan women are the second, third or fourth wives of a Savasi, while the Gersan men will find not even one single female amongst them to fight over for a mate. Would not these wonderful, kind Gersan men be hurt by your altering of their females, even to the dying out of their lineages?

 84 And if you find a way to allow Gersan men to mate successfully with Savasi women, do you think that even one Savasi woman will desire to do that? For the Gersan men are not as comely as the women. So again, the Gersan men are left to a fate of solitude, loneliness, and the end of their lineages.

 85 We have always been encouraged by the Elohim to modify their simple creations such as plants and insects to better suit them to our needs, whether by hybridization or genetic modification, it is the same.

 86 But to fundamentally change the template of a Savasi, made in the image of Elohim, or a Gersan, made near the image of Elohim, is to tell our Holy Father and Mother that you think you can recreate their highest creations in a superior way. In this you, mock God, a very dangerous path to take, for God will not be mocked and remain idle.

 87 Therefore, I implore you to repent of this error in your thinking and undo the harm you have done before it creates ramifications that cannot be undone.”

 88 Hearing the words of the prophet, Letav laughed and then laughed some more, as did his friends who were standing with him. And he answered, saying, “You are stuck in the mud of the past, dear prophet. Maybe God once spoke to you, but if you cannot see the simple logic of what we have done, then I am not sure you still hear God today. Therefore, I will politely have to disagree with your point of view, and we shall carry on as we have.”

 89 Hearing this, the prophet was greatly saddened, and he said unto them, “I hoped to reason with you and bring you to repentance, but if you insist on persisting on this course, I must go before the Council of Elders and clearly state the position of Elohim that the force of our laws will then compel you to abandon your reckless foolishness, even if your respect for Elohim does not.”

 90 True to his word, the very next day, Dilallon came accompanied by his Council of Twelve, six men and six women, and spoke to the Council of Elders, also six men and six women, who ruled the islands of Guache, and requested in the name of Elohim that they pass and enforce a law prohibiting the genetic modification of Savasi or Gersan, except for things that improved their health and did not interfere with the sacred powers of reproduction laid down in a template by Elohim.

 91 Each of the Council of Twelve also spoke before the Council of Elders, in support of the words of Dilallon.

 92 The Council of Elders then heard testimony from Letav and his fellow geneticists and supporters, and after five days of deliberation, they called all the parties to hear their decision. And though only a few dozen people attended the hearing in person, all the people of the islands of Guache waited in anxious anticipation to hear the outcome.

 93 The chief of the Elders spoke, saying, “Upon careful and prayerful deliberation and a review of many scriptures from the records of the prophets, by a 7–5 vote, we support the actions of Letav and do not feel there is sufficient cause, despite the words of the prophet Dilallon, to create a law preventing the actions of the geneticists.

 94 If they are in error and acting against the will of Elohim, as has been asserted by the prophet Dilallon, then Elohim shall be their judge, not us.

 95 In our eyes, their argument that we were not forbidden as a people to manipulate the template of the Gersan women to make them fertile to the seed of the Savasi men is not refuted by anything we have read in the records of the prophets, and as the current prophet is still living, it has not yet been decided which of his words shall be deemed scripture, therefore at this time, none of his words can carry the weight of Elohim with certainty, though he speaks in their name.”

 96 Among the vast majority of the population, both Savasi and Gersan, there was incomprehension and shocked disbelief at the decision of the Council of Elders. Nevertheless, their decision became the law of the land, and the geneticists proceeded on with their work.

 97 The prophet gathered with the Council of Twelve and, with prayer and thought and earnest discussion, sought to still find a way that they might counter the path the geneticists had chosen and the judges of the land had upheld; for in all things they knew they must support the commandments of Elohim above the decrees of men.

 98 The Council of Twelve and the prophet formed a Circle of Power so that they could create a group connection to Elohim, and they called upon the great dormant power stored in the Earth to come forth and connect them to Heaven.

 99 At their command, a mighty whirlwind arose from the ground and lifted and expanded up high into the sky beyond the sight of men, engulfing those at its base.

 100 And Elohim the Father came into each of their minds as they stood, one and all the same, in the Circle of Power within the whirlwind. And the Father spoke unto them, saying, “Precious and righteous Children of Light, our hearts do have great joy in you. You are greater than the world in which you live and greater than many among whom you live.

 101 Like unto Enoch, you will be taken in three days and be no more upon the Earth, you and all of your families, even to the last of the Savasi.

 102 But it is not to the Celestine Realms that you will come at this time as did Enoch, for you still have much to discover and great works to do in mortality, for neither you nor any of your people are perfect, as were Enoch and his people.

 103 The Earth is no longer a proper home for the Savasi. The gap of knowledge and ability between you and the others upon the Earth has become so great that your people have begun to give into the temptations to make themselves creators even as the Elohim.

 104 But they create not from love and for the betterment of all, but only to satisfy their own egos and selfish desires. Therefore, they take upon themselves the creation power without vision, love, or devotion to their creations.

 105 They take unto themselves the power of the gods, but with irresponsibility like foolish children.

 106 Like in the days of Noah, three days hence, an Oolarian Ark ship shall come for you and all of your people. You shall be taken to another earth where the people are more advanced and equal to you in their knowledge and technology. There you shall continue your mortal journey. None shall remain behind.

 107 Seal the Library of Knowledge and all of its branches safely beneath the Earth that its wisdom may come forth again to another generation of Children of Light; long after all that man has now built upon the Earth has past into forgotten memories.

 108 Gather everything you possess that you will not carry with you and place them on the small isle desolate Isle of Holaq, where they and the island be consumed by the ocean on the day of your departure. Prepare now, for your time is short. So be it.”

 109 With those words firmly imprinted upon the minds of all within the whirlwind, it quickly fell back down into the ground and disappeared.

 110 The following day, the prophet again appeared before the Council of Elders accompanied by the Council of Twelve and related to them all that Elohim the Father had told unto them.

 111 Now it was the judges who were shocked, and the chief of the Council of Elders, Merisherlas, opened her hands in disbelief and said, “It is an impossible thing for all of the Savasi to leave in three days. What about our homes and our lands and our pets? And what of our exploration parties that are in far-off lands? And what type of stewards would we be to leave the Gersan here to fend for themselves and our lands and property to wither without our care?”

 112 “I simply will not go,” added another Elder. “The Oolarians can come and all of you who wish to leave may do so, but I like it here just fine and I am not going anywhere.”

 113 “I think our prophet means well, but he is getting old and touched in the head,” added another Elder. “Surely Elohim did not tell him such a thing.”

 114 Frabara, one of the Council of Twelve, stepped forth at the words of the judge and proclaimed, “It is not the prophet alone who heard the commands of Elohim, but all twelve of us as well. And each heard every word spoken the same. What Dilallon has spoken shall come to pass. To remain was not an option given to any of us, so it would be best if you prepared to depart, for surely, at the appointed time, you shall depart.”

 115 The prophet again stepped forward. He thanked Frabara for his words, and then spoke again to the Council of Elders, saying, “The Savasi are still, by and large, a goodly people, worthy to be called Children of Light. But this world is no longer good for us and neither are we good for it.

 116 Other than the few Gersan who live among us, what good have we done upon the Earth in the time since our ancestors first came to these shores?

 117 Let us not fight the will of Elohim and draw their wrath upon us. The Father has spoken not in anger, but in love, tinged perhaps with a little frustration at our weaknesses, which we give into more than seek to build our strengths.

 118 Let us rejoice that we are so loved by the Elohim that they are bringing us to a new earth that we may more perfectly progress in our mortality.

 119 I call upon each of you now and upon all the Savasi to go in private prayer to Elohim and ask if the words I have spoken are true.

 120 Whether you support me or are against me, whether you believe I am the prophet of Elohim or a crazy old man, I know that Elohim will answer your prayers.

 121 Though you may not like the answer, I know there will be no doubt in your mind and heart that the words I have spoken to you are true.

 122 Precious time is being wasted squabbling about this now. I assure you that you will leave at the appointed time. Therefore, make haste to find your answer to prayer that you may have time still remaining to put your affairs in order and prepare for your voyage to a new earth.”

 123 At his words, everyone moved to make haste: some because they knew he spoke true, others because they feared he might, and still others who doubted he did but wanted to take precautions and be prepared just in case.

 124 And their prayers were answered, and all of the Savasi came to know with conviction that the will of Elohim was for them to leave Earth forever on the third day.

 125 Around noon on the third day after Elohim the Father had spoken, an enormous Oolarian Ark ship descended from the sky and hovered a little above the height of the trees over the temple.

 126 As in the days of Noah, a long, wide ramp descended from one wing of the giant ship, turning back and forth upon itself several times before it touched the ground. But unlike in the days of Noah, no Oolarians came down, but they chose instead to remain aboard and await the Savasi.

 127 During the remaining hours of the day and into the night, the Savasi walked up the long ramp and into the ship. Many carried their pets in their arms and they were allowed to board, and many were in tears at all they had to leave behind, including many of the Gersan whom they had befriended.

 128 The words of the prophet and all that had been told by Elohim the Father had been sent within moments after his last meeting with the Council of Elders to all of the scientific-exploration parties scattered across the Earth, and all raced to return to the islands to be with their families and board the Oolarian Ark.

 129 All of the airships, every one, were flown up into an even-larger opening in the other wing of the Ark, and many carried equipment and devices of the advanced sciences of the Savasi so that none would be left behind to do harm to the Gersan.

 130 The prophet came up in one of the last ships with his family. Pulling a small two-wheeled cart with the help of two of the twelve, he bore a most precious cargo: a complete copy, encoded on crystals and stones, of the entire Library of Knowledge.

 131 The momentous task of copying all the knowledge of the library had begun over two years earlier at the direction of Elohim the Father, who knew even then all that would come to pass, as he does even to this day and beyond.

 132 So too did he and the Council of Twelve insure that all entrances to the Great Library, and all of its branches were securely sealed in ways that would defy intrusion until the time Elohim called for the knowledge to come forth again upon Earth.

 133 However, all the Savasi did not willingly go up the ramp and into the Oolarian Ark. Some took elaborate actions to remain undetected until the ship had departed.

 134 But it was to no avail, as once together, to fulfill the word of Elohim, the Council of Twelve joined in a Circle of Power and sent forth a spell of desire over all the islands of Guache, and any Savasi not yet aboard the Ark felt an overpowering urge to be there and raced to join the others already on board.

 135 Near midnight of the third day, the Oolarian Ark ship silently rose into the starry sky as the Gersan remaining on the islands watched in awestruck wonder.

 136 The Savasi crowded to viewing windows and portals as the Ark broke free of the atmosphere; they looked back upon the world that had been their home with much reflection and an outpouring of feelings.

 137 But as Earth quickly became just another indistinguishable star in the sky, they turned their thoughts in expectant contemplation and quiet conversations with one another to the new earth that would soon be their home and considered all the adventures and wonders that might be before them.

 138 And most at some point in the first hours aboard the Ark fell to their knees in most earnest prayer and gave thanks to Elohim for their blessings—so great they were—beyond the expectations of men.


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