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The Great Flood



The Children of Light depart with Noah on the Ark as the Earth sinks into forty years of convulsions, cataclysms, and great storms. Aboard the Ark, a ship from another world, Noah and his people learn many wondrous things. As they return to Earth after forty years, they begin to create the civilization that would come to be known as the mythical Atlantis.


 1 And it came to pass that Noah and all the Children of Light, gathered at Kamoya, walked up the ramp and into the ship of the sky, their eyes filled with wonder at every step.

 2 They were followed by great hoards of animals that entered the ship in various ways. Birds flew up into the portal with ease, while most of the animals took much longer, walking up the long switchback ramp.

 3 Over one hundred people came down from the sky ship and shepherded the animals who were small or crawled or moved slowly, leading some and carrying others and taking care to keep all the animals in the center away from the precipitous edge of the ramp.

 4 And the animals, though wild, were all as docile as domestic pets and resisted not at all to be touched by the people of the sky ship.

 5 Once all the animals had boarded and the people of the sky ship had returned, the ramp was drawn up inside the ship, and it silently lifted high into the sky.

 6 Though it appeared black from the outside, from the inside the entire outer hull of the ship was transparent and the Children of Light looked in awe and incredulity, touched somewhat with fear, as the ship rose higher and higher into the sky and they saw the land below recede until the details could no longer be seen.

 7 The Children of Light were led into a large room and once assembled, Jelatana entered, and standing on a dais, she addressed them, saying, “Good people of light, it is an honor to be among you. I am Jelatana, the leader, for a time, of the people of this ship.

 8 I know you have many questions, for we have heard as you have asked them among yourselves. I will answer them now that you may know we aspire to be your trusted friends.

 9 Some of you have wondered if we are Elohim. We are not. We are Alamars created in the image of the Elohim, even as you are. But our people were created and have existed long before your first ancestors were born upon this world you call Earth.

 10 We come from one of the tiny stars you see in the sky. I know you cannot comprehend that at this time, but you each will be assigned a personal teacher and in time your knowledge and understanding will grow, such as it can.

 11 We are from a planet like your Earth called Oolar. Like you, we honor and follow the light of our Heavenly Father and Mother. Like you, we are led by a prophet called by Elohim.

 12 Elohim spoke to our prophet who lives on our home world, whose name is Deltarni, and told him that your world was soon to suffer great calamities because of the wickedness of the people, and that a ship, even our ship, the Ark, was to be sent to bring to safety the Children of Light and male and females in multitudes of all the animals of Earth, before the great and dreadful day when your Earth would begin to shake and convulse.

 13 There is so much more to tell you, but much of it will be difficult for you to comprehend without first having a wider foundation of understanding.

 14 “Therefore, I invite you to turn and greet the person who shall now come to you, males to males and females to females. These are your mentors, and they will teach you step by step that your minds may be opened and your understanding filled.

 15 We shall be together for forty of your years. Very quickly I hope we can become as one family, that you will be able to cherish your time among us, and that all of us may grow from our shared experiences.”

 16 Jelatana then stepped down from the dais, and the Oolarians who had been assigned as mentors came forth from where they had been standing, along the outer walls of the room, and came to greet those to whom they had been partnered.

 17 During the next weeks, the Ark came down to hover over several other spots on Earth and lowered its ramp to take up many more animals that had lived too far away to travel to Kamoya, but had gathered at the call of Elohim.

 18 They also came for forty-four more adults and their children, who were Children of Light. Though they lived far from Kamoya and knew not the people of Noah, Elohim the Mother had come to them in dreams, and they were prepared when the ship of the sky came for them.

 19 On the day that the last Child of Light was aboard the Ark and the last animal had been taken into it, Earth began to convulse, the ground began to erupt liquid fire, the sky darkened, great torrents of rain began to fall, and day became as night.

 20 While one solar year passed with fury upon Earth, aboard the Ark, despite the best intentions of both the people of Earth and the people of Oolar, they had not become as one family, and among most, the gulf between their understandings of almost everything was very great.

 21 And it came to pass that Noah and Jelatana sat down together, along with her two counselors and the sons of Noah, to try to understand why the chasm between their two peoples remained so wide.

 22 Noah answered Jelatana’s query, saying, “Your people are aloof. They speak to us in ways we do not comprehend, of things we know not. And there are but 188 of us, but of your people there is no end, for you are many thousands and we often feel very isolated because of our small numbers and ignorance of almost everything you know and understand.”

 23 “We have tried with great patience to teach our brothers and sisters of Earth,” Rabak interjected, speaking directly to Jelatana, “but honestly and truthfully, they are a very primitive people. We are so far advanced from the reality they have known that even after a year, many of them seem to still think we are Elohim and seem to make little effort to understand the things we try to explain.”

 24 “It is true,” added Gensai, also speaking only to Jelatana. “You try to explain the simplest of things to them, such as how to grow a plant hydroponically, and they simply stare at you as if their brain is asleep. They seem unable to comprehend that plants can grow without soil. Even though they can see it happening, they seem to think it is some miracle of Elohim and not something that they can do.”

 25 “We try to understand your ways,” interrupted Yapeth, the son of Noah, “but it is difficult, for it seems that all we thought we knew is wrong, and though we can see a new reality, such as plants that grow without soil, the experience of our lives still tells us that we must have soil to grow plants.”

 26 “Nor are we accustomed to seeing people walk about with so few garments, especially women,” added Ham, the son of Noah; “or to see women commanding men. Our women have always wielded great power, more than most men, but they do it in support of our community, in circles of women, not as women in positions of power over men.”

 27 All three of the Oolarians laughed at the words of Ham, and Gensai said unto him, “We are more modest than the people of most worlds in the coverings of our bodies, and if you have trouble with our attire, we best not take you to Feyranth or Yobnog or any of the many worlds where they wear no clothes at all, but adorn themselves only in jewelry and thin harnesses embedded with jewels.”

 28 “The Elohim permit such things even while our world is to be up heaved for far less!” exclaimed Shem.

 29 “Why would the Elohim be concerned with nakedness?” asked Gensai in honest confusion. “It is how they created us. It is not nakedness that is a sin, but immoral acts that are committed, whether naked or clothed.

 30 We observed your world as we approached, and it is the most immoral we have ever seen. The fact that most of the people wear a great deal of clothing to cover their nakedness has not prevented their descent into wickedness.”

 31 “As for women commanding men,” interjected Jelatana. “I suppose you put me at the top of that list, but aboard the Ark, there are none that command, neither men nor women. Each of us only serves the others in the ways we are most capable and at their discretion.

 32 I did not seek out my position. Even as our prophet is called by the Elohim, so I was called by my people aboard the Ark to lead them because of my experience. On any day, I may step down by my own choice, or they may call another to take my place. It is an honor to be called to serve our brothers and sisters however we can.”

 33 Shem was about to reply, but Noah held up his hand so that he would refrain. And Noah spoke unto them all, saying, “We are speaking much of our differences, and surely there is a great gulf. But I failed to discern how we are attempting to walk a common path that leads to a greater good for both our people and the feeling of one family that we both have claimed to desire.

 34 “And there is more to consider here than simply learning to understand the ways of one another or for us to comprehend even a small part of your greater knowledge.

 35 For through all of this journey, my people are grieving. They are hurting terribly in their hearts as they look through the walls of your ship each day and watch their world, their home, the place where they left many loved ones behind, wracked by the most awful storms, with mountains falling, the seas rising, and many other terrible calamities that strike dread into their hearts, even though they are here safely aboard the Ark.”

 36 The Oolarians nodded their heads in understanding with the words of Noah, and after consulting among themselves for a couple of minutes in their own language, Jelatana said unto him, “We have not sufficiently considered your pain at what you see transpire each day upon your world, nor done enough to help you comprehend our world, which is the Ark. You are the prophet among us, Noah, what would Elohim have us do?”

 37 Noah considered her question for a moment and closed his eyes and reached out to the Elohim in his mind. And they answered him as quick as he thought his question, and Noah opened his eyes and spoke unto those in the room, saying, “It is not enough that you teach one-to-one with personal mentors, for it is too much like a parent and a child, even a babe.

 38 If we are to be with you for thirty-nine more years we have more than enough time to learn all that you know, if you will teach us in a serious manner.

 39 Therefore, set up schools for us that we may all gather, as we are prepared to understand that which is taught, both children and adults, and teach us line upon line, knowledge upon knowledge that we may come to a fullness of understanding.”

 40 Hearing his words, Noah’s sons nodded in agreement, but Jelatana and her counselors conferred quietly among themselves and seemed far less enthusiastic. And Jelatana spoke unto Noah and his sons, saying, “For you and the other Alamars that will survive on Earth, it is important that you evolve in your knowledge and society on a path of self-discovery, otherwise both as individuals and as a people, you will develop weaknesses of judgment.

 41 If we were to teach you all that we know and then put you back upon the Earth among people who are even more primitive than you are, you would be like gods to them and the chance of creating an imbalance of society and civilization, between those with greater knowledge and those without, would be too great.

 42 Perhaps not you, but surely your descendants would be tempted to exercise dominion over the other people of the Earth, and this is not the way of the Elohim.”

 43 Noah nodded his head in agreement and said unto her, “You speak the truth in all that you say, Jelatana, and I know not how this will be resolved. But you asked me to inquire of the Elohim as a prophet, and this I did and the answer I gave unto you is the light they gave unto me.”

 44 And it came to pass that despite the misgivings of the Oolarians, according to the word of the prophet Noah as he said Elohim had spoken, schools were set up on the Ark that the people of Earth might learn all that the Oolarians had to teach.

 45 The Oolarians taught them as they would their own children from their earliest days in school. Thus, they learned the Oolarian alphabet and language as well as their history and the history of the entire universe that was known to the Oolarians.

 46 Some progressed more than others because of their greater desire and perseverance, and these were sent to schools of specialized learning beyond the basic education. Thus, some of the people of Earth became knowledgeable in many of the advanced sciences of the Oolarians involving healing and engineering and manufacturing and other fields of endeavor.

 47 And the people of Noah reciprocated, passing on their knowledge of Earth plants and herbs and of sewing and weaving and many other skills to the Oolarians.

 48 As all aboard the Ark were devoted to the Elohim, Noah gained a special place among them, for he was a prophet of Elohim, and the Oolarian Prophet lived far away on their home world, a place none on the Ark had ever been.

 49 Among the higher priesthood of both the Oolarians and his own people, Noah taught the greater paths and powers of spirit, and the kinship of spirit that formed between all of them was very strong indeed.

 49 A special bond also formed between many of the women, as the Oolarian women knew of the Celestine powers given by Elohim only in theory and none had actually ever attempted to manifest their inherent gifts.

 50 Thus, it became the great delight of the women of Earth to teach their Oolarian sisters how to use the Celestine gifts of power the Elohim had given to all Children of Light, but that were most easily manifested by women.

 51 And it came to pass that thirty-nine years passed swiftly away, and even as Earth below was convulsed in the throes of rebirth, the people aboard the Ark experienced a time of peaceful bliss and had become as one family.

 52 Thus, when the day quickly approached for the return of the people of Earth to their home world, there was a great sadness among everyone aboard the Ark.

 53 At this time, difficult decisions that had been avoided also needed to be faced and resolved, and for this, Noah and the Council of Elders met with Jelatana, her two counselors, and a body of twelve other Oolarian advisers.

 54 Jelatana spoke to them, saying, “My friends, my family, the time has passed so quickly and now we must say good-bye to our brothers and sisters of Earth whom we have come to love and be loved by.

 55 When we first began this journey together and began to teach you, the people of Earth, the knowledge of Oolar, we postponed deciding how we would deal with the greater knowledge you gained when it came time to return you to your primitive world.

 56 We can delay no longer, for the time is upon us, for the fires on the Earth have gone out and the waters receded.

 57 We meet together now with the Council of Elders from Earth and the Council of Advisors from the Ark. Let us discuss among us how to resolve this conflict and make a good decision by the unanimous agreement of everyone.”

 58 After an opening prayer there followed many hours of discussions with a break for meals twice. Two issues emerged as the thorniest: How to return the people of Noah to Earth without disrupting the natural evolutionary balance and how to deal with the seventeen families that had blossomed from marriages between the people of Earth and those of Oolar?

 59 At first, many of the Oolarians insisted that the memories of all those returning to Earth must be taken away for the time they had lived aboard the Ark to insure that the natural evolution of the people of Earth would continue.

 60 But Noah and the Council of Elders objected strongly to that suggestion for they had gained much knowledge in their time aboard the Ark, which they treasured and were unwilling to lose.

 61 “But it is not something you will miss,” explained one of the Oolarians. “You will be returned as you came to us, with no memory of your time aboard the Ark or the things you have learned. You cannot miss that which you do not remember.”

 62 “If you cut off all of our right arms and took away our memory that we ever had right arms, we would still miss them, for we would be able to do less with one than we could with two,” interjected a member of the Council of Elders. “Thanks to Oolarian training in engineering I now know how to build structures that will withstand the storms of time. How does giving this up and returning to a state of ignorance help the evolution of man?”

 63 And so the discussions continued, back and forth with no resolutions, let alone unanimous decisions.

 64 Among the Oolarians who had married people from Earth, there was an equal trepidation, for they too were threatened with memory loss as a condition for returning to Earth with their families.

 65 Nor could their families remain aboard the Ark, for Earth had been depleted during the forty-year cataclysm and needed all of the survivors aboard the Ark to return to help the planet renew.

 66 And it came to pass that the meeting of the councils ended for the night without resolution.

 67 Before he slept, Noah prayed to Elohim, asking for guidance and a solution for the problems that seemed unsolvable.

 68 And the Elohim heard the prayers of Noah, and Heavenly Mother came to him in a dream and showed unto him all that must be done to reach unanimity, and for the benefit of the people of Noah and Earth, which was their home.

 69 The next day, the councils met once again. But before they could renew their disagreements of the previous day, Noah rose and spoke to them, saying, “I speak to you now as a prophet of God, even the voice of the Elohim who guide us in all things of great consequence, even such as the things we speak of today.

 70 “Last night, I prayed to be shown a resolution to the questions we have pondered and discussed, and our Heavenly Mother came to me while I slept and showed me the true path.

 71 It is not good that knowledge should be taken that has been gained by either experience or dedication to learning, for then the reward for achievement would be a punishment and the memory of this would linger even if the memory of the knowledge was taken, and such lingering would cause a loathing for learning that would harm man for generations unborn.

 72 But neither can we who have been given knowledge beyond the comprehension of the survivors of Earth be allowed to live among them with this knowledge, for surely we would be raised upon the dais as gods and become perverted by our power and greater knowledge and succumb to evil, even as the fallen angels, which was the beginning of the end of Earth.

 73 Would we dare to put ourselves in a place where these forty wrenching years of rebirth might be repeated again someday in the future because of our actions?

 74 But there is a solution. One that will allow us to return to Earth and the Oolarians who are now part of our families as well, without the loss of any memories or any threat to the evolution of man. This the Elohim have shown to me clearly.

 75 Therefore, open your ears and hear people of Earth and Oolar, for this is the path of light that Elohim has revealed to me.

 76 The Ark shall bring us to a blessed island where no man lives, upon a warm sea with a land bathed in sunlight from Elohim, where the weather is almost always ideal, and life in all forms from plant to animal to fish flourishes in great abundance.

 77 Tall mountains rise into the mist upon this island, and many crops of different varieties can be grown at the various elevations.

 78 Upon this spot, we will live, and our posterity shall build beautiful cities, both on the island and floating upon the sea.

 79 We shall live a life of purity and even as on the Ark none shall have disease, and as in the days of father Adam, great shall be the age to which we live.

 80 The knowledge and understandings of the devices of the Ark shall come with us, as will all of our knowledge that we might build not just a new Eden, but a better Eden than any of our forefathers could have imagined.

 81 We will be far from the remaining people of the world, and they will know of us only vaguely, like people of a mist who come from the sea in strange ships to trade and then vanish again to a place unknown.

 82 Some of our posterity will migrate to other remote islands and in a like manner establish outposts of our civilization.

 83 So too will we and our posterity go forth upon the Earth as it is ready and spread again the Celestine Light of Elohim upon all parts of it that the darkness will never again reign over the light.

 84 And we must never forget the cataclysm that has happened upon the Earth and all of its people for the last forty years, and this because of the evil that men had become.

 85 Let the story of this cataclysm be passed down to all the people of the Earth, lest they ever again let darkness reign and the Earth need to be cleansed once more.

 86 And let us pray every day in humility and thankfulness for the blessings that are ours and strive to live worthily of all the Elohim have given us.

 87 And take heed: Where great things have been given, great things are expected, and we are asked to be a light all the moments of our lives.

 88 Know with a surety, that if we, or our posterity, ever stray from the path of light, all that we have been given shall be taken away, not in forty years as we have seen, but in a single day and night.

 89 Teach that well to our children that such a day will never come. Remember to live worthy of the blessings you have been given and to reflect the light given to you that others may bask in its warmth as well.”

 90 And it came to pass that as Noah had spoken, so it was accepted in unanimity.

 91 The following day, the Ark hovered over an immense island in an archipelago of thousands of smaller islands, and with tearful good-byes for the Oolarians they would never see again, the people of Noah went down the long ramp back onto Earth.

 92 With them came seventeen Oolarians who had married among the people of Noah while on the Ark. Typical of their race, they were tall and blue-eyed, with either red or blond hair. And their good-byes were even more tearful and heart wrenching as they parted with the families they had known all of their lives to embrace a primitive world just reborn.

 93 And these were the Oolarians who came to live among the people of Earth, by their age, oldest to youngest, being ten males and seven females: Atalas, Aiainia, Colches, Thrinchea, Barean, Guache, Aquilaz, Olgy, Chramat, Saka, Karad, Hespar, Blest, Naamlin, Gresus, Zeunean, and Nibirum.

 94 During the next days, the Ark visited many places upon Earth, repopulating the animals upon the reborn lands and seas, prudently putting pairs of like animals in several locations to maintain the strength of the bloodlines.

 95 As they passed closely over Earth, the Oolarians were surprised to look down upon many survivors of the cataclysms of the last forty years.

 96 Seeing them, Gensai commented to Rabak that it seemed that more survived than perished. And Rabak answered saying, “Hopefully with more respect for the power of Elohim and a greater willingness to live the light when it is shown to them.”

 97 And so came the Children of Light back onto Earth and so began the Second Dispensation of Elohim upon Earth.


Notes: This chapter was the briefest overview of what occurred during the forty years Noah and his people were aboard the Ark. A several-hundred-page book could be written just to cover that amazing period in detail. A couple of things worthy of mention that are not detailed in the chapter include the fact that the return of Noah, his people, and the seventeen Oolarians and the advanced civilization they established was the basis for the later stories of Atlantis. However, contrary to modern theories that place Atlantis either in the Mediterranean or in the Atlantic Ocean, the actual location of the return of Noah was a large island in the eastern Indian Ocean.

This is a somewhat-incongruous chapter with all the others in the Revelation Bible as it takes place in what would seem to be a science fiction setting and deals more with practical matters than spiritual ones. However, this chapter is literally true, and as astounding a premise as it sets—pointed now in the right direction—it can all be proved by modern science and archeology if anyone cares to follow the leads.

In the interest of modern science, we would also note that the Ark was both levitated and propelled by a gravity drive that interacted and utilized the gravity field of Earth or any other celestial body, even those a great distance away, when traveling through space.

One other note that may be of interest to some is that during the forty years on the Ark, they had friendly contact on three different occasions with other space-traveling races of non-Alamar origin.


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