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The End of the Beginning



Yeshua calls forth the stalwarts of Celestine Light, including those who appear from faraway places, to carry the light forward. He councils them briefly, reminding them of that which is most important. He says his final words to his children and then Miriam leads everyone in creating the greatest Circle of Light ever to exist on Earth, which causes everyone to levitate to a place between Heaven and Earth where angels from heaven, including Yochanan, meet them for a short time. Yeshua kisses Miriam one last time and exits in magnificence.  


   1 And it came to pass that after Yeshua had finished speaking in the minds of the Children of Light in every corner of the world, he went to Miriam and embraced her and did not let go.

   2 Then he beckoned Salome to come to him and the three of them embraced in silence with their foreheads all touching.

   3 After a couple of minutes he bade his children and Martha to join them and they all came and held each other closely in a Circle of Power for a few minutes of silence.

   4 Then he looked up once more to his Apostles and Lazarus and bade them to join in the circle and they immediately joined into it.

   5 After a few more minutes of silence sharing in the love and energy of all those in the circle, Yeshua looked up once more and bade everyone else present, including all of the children, to join in the circle facing one another, that all might be one in love, faith and spirit. And everyone did as Yeshua bade and joined into the circle and held one another in power and love.

   6 When everyone was together Yeshua spoke to them aloud, saying, “Many of you were with me at Tyre when we formed a circle of great power. So it will be again today.

   7 But that which you shall make today, will be the greatest Circles of Power that has ever swirled upon the Earth. And it shall be you who shall call it, you who shall wield its power, and I will remain this one last time, only to be a guide and remind you of the sacred words of power.

   8 If you have a wand of wood or spiral shell or crystal, grasp it now in your right hand.” At his command, all of the Apostles, Miriam and Salome withdrew wands from their garments.

   9 Yeshua then spoke to all of the children present, saying, “Children, go now to the center of the circle and carefully dig in the ground. Soon you will come upon a treasure, not of gold, but something more precious. Each of you take one of the treasures for yourself and then go about the circle and give one to any person who does not already have a wand.”

   10 At his direction, more than a dozen children scampered into the center of the circle and began digging in the loose, sandy soil. Soon many high-note tinkling sounds were heard, the unmistakable distinct audio cue of crystals of power touching one another.

   11 The children looked with wide-eyed wonder at the clear, six-sided wands, but then quickly got up and began passing out the long, tapered, crystals to anyone in the circle that did not already have a wand of shell, or wood, or crystal in their hand. Many unused crystal wands remained laying in the hole in the ground.

   12 When the children all had rejoined the circle with their crystal wands in hand, Yeshua spoke again to everyone, saying, “Close your eyes now so you are not distracted by anything around you. Remember friends and strangers you have encountered in your life that were Children of Light, even those who may not have known they were, but whose lives of goodness, love and stewardship, left no doubt.

   13 Remember your wives and children who may not be here now and how much you love them and wish they were here in spirit and so shall they be.

   14 Those of you who have walked with me upon the Earth as I have shared the teachings of the Elohim, remember the special people whom we have encountered over the years. See them clearly in your mind, hear their voice, look into their eyes.

   15 Now each person, man, woman and child, holding your wand in your right hand, point it toward the center of the circle and place your left hand on the shoulder or around the waist of the person to your left. In this, stand closely together with each of the people beside you so that your shoulders or sides are also touching.

   16 You that are many are now becoming one in the light and the light shall be in you and outside of you, all around you, and multiplied many, many times more than your numbers.

   17 Reflect upon your love for the person to your right and to your left and for all the other brothers and sisters of the Celestine Light that are one in this circle with you.

   18 Remember your faith. Feel it welling up deep inside of you, a force that cannot be slowed or stopped for it is of God; it is of Elohim; you are of Elohim; you are the sons and daughters of God. And to you, nothing is impossible.

   19 Now swirl the energy of your aura; swirl it faster and faster. At the bottom of every breath, before you inhale again, swirl your aura until you feel it inside of you at the core of your being, even your very soul essence.

   20 Now unify your breathing. Listen to the breath of the person to your right and to your left and be one with it. When they breathe in, you breathe in. When they breathe out, you breathe out.

   21 When you are at the bottom of your breath, do not breathe in again for several seconds as you spin your aura into your core and feel it radiating its power inside of you.

   22 Breathe in now in unison; as you breath out in unison, swirling your aura deeply inside at the bottom, forcefully say the Celestine word of power, “Yizataz!”

   23 And so they all did; the men, the women and the children. Immediately after they forcefully spoke Yizataz in unison, Yeshua quickly spoke another sacred word of power; then another was spoken by Miriam, and then another by Cephas. Then marvelous things began to occur.

   24 A dense mist surrounded all the Children of Light. Where they stood was clear, but beyond them was only impenetrable mist.

   25 Their own spirits spoke to them, giving them knowledge they had never learned, even so they all knew that the mist was a veil of illusion that none from the outside world would see anything at all upon the hill upon which they stood, except that which had always been there.

   26 Then there was a sudden burst of yellow light in the middle of the circle that caused everyone to close their eyes for a moment because of the brightness. When they opened them again they were astounded to see several people standing before them that had not been there a moment ago.

   27 After a few seconds, many of those in the circle began to discern who it was that had appeared and then their amazement was even greater.

   28 For standing all around them both inside the circle and outside of it, were many of the Children of Light Yeshua had met in his travels over the many years.

   29 Standing tall above all others was the former warrior bandit Kudar-Iluna. Yeshua's mother Miryam was also there, and Babuaten the Egyptian, and Ephres whom Yeshua had saved from death in Capharsalama as well as Gimiel who had also been there.

   30 And from his youth, there stood Dryhus the repentant, and Anish of Bharat.

   31 And from his days in Jerusalem, there was Valerius the Roman centurion and Nicodemus the Pharisee.

   32 And the converts from Hippos, Yunia and Adronicus, stood together in the center of the circle.

   33 And Elissa the High Priestess of the temple in Tyre was also numbered among those who had miraculously appeared.

   34 Before anyone began to speak and break the focus of the circle, Yeshua spoke to everyone in their minds, saying, “Welcome to our brothers and sisters of light that have come among us. Be not startled by your appearance at this place for you were drawn here, not in the spirit, but in your physical body, called by the power of the Celestine Light in this circle, because your spirits are in perfect harmony and resonance with the spirit of light that shines here upon us and within us.

   35 Please, do not speak, but join us in the circle and allow your spirit to know all it needs to know.” And so they all did, quietly merging into the Celestine Circles of Power.

   36 As the last of the newcomers blended into the circle, everyone within it felt an overpowering stirring in the core of their aura and Yeshua said unto them in their minds, “In this circle, are the leaders of Celestine Light, when I am no longer among you. Some may have more visible callings, some may have the ability to manifest greater gifts, but all who stand here have a faith that is unbreakable. You are the stalwarts; the candles that burn everlasting and cannot be extinguished.

   37 In the days to come, when the world shall seek to destroy the Celestine Light and those of weaker faith may fear and falter, it is you my brothers and sisters, even you my youngest ones, that I trust to be the light that uplifts and gives courage to the weak; who lead by example; who speak words of praise and confidence, not negativity or fear.

   38 Never forget that each of you is here today not simply because I called you to be, or willed you to be; you are here because this is your resonance and when the portal was opened, your body came to the place of its greatest resonance, here among your closest brothers and sisters of light.

   39 Look now at one another, at every person within this circle, for each of you are part of one another in very deep ways and must think of yourselves as one from this day forward.

   40 But see that you have not pride, but humility. Yours is an open group that in the future shall be joined by many others of the Children of Light who grow into your resonance.

   41 Now the time has at last come for me to part from you in the physical and none but my wives and children shall ever see me in this physical form again until we meet again in the Celestine realms.

   42 Be faithful to what you know to be true and live it in your lives. You are my teachings. In the perfection of your lives, the other Children of Light will learn more about the Celestine Light of Elohim than if they read or hear every word I have ever spoken.

   43 Therefore, if you would honor me, live the teachings I have given unto you.

   44 And of all the things I have taught you, there are a precious few which I desire to remind you of again that you might faithfully do them and by your example help others to do them as well.

   45 Remember to not judge your brothers and sisters unless they are creating disharmony within the community by actions that are not in harmony with the Celestine Light. And then, see that none of you or any Child of Light places a judgment against them in your heart or mind, but let them come before the Council of Elders or before a quorum of the Apostles, as is appropriate, and be judged in that manner after evidence has been presented and the accused has had ample opportunity to present a rebuttal and defense.

   46 And let there be no judgment, save it is a unanimous one. For if those judging do not have unanimity, then the Celestine Light of Elohim has not been with them.

   47 I have told you that it matters not what you wear for clothing, because it is the actions of your life that are important, not the style or color of your clothing.

   48 But you who are the stalwarts should choose to dress and adorn yourself with the vibrant and precious colors, styles, symbols and gemstones that enhances your gifts, and should not be concerned with how odd you may appear in contrast with the latest fashions. And when the other Children of Light see these things in you and the good that they bring, they too will desire them.

   49 I know that hair continues to be a divisive issue with many of the Children of Light and even among some of you. It matters not what length of hair a Child of Light has, be they a man or a woman, or whether a man has a long beard, short beard or no beard. All can still be worthy and lovely Children of Light and greatly loved and productive members of the community.

   50 But for those who desire to someday become Adepts in the powers of the Celestine Light, the length of hair and beard does matter, for hair is a storehouse of the fruits of every event in your life, both in your day and your night while you sleep. When you seek to use your Celestine gifts of power, your hair is as great a tool as any you shall ever wield.

   51 But it must not simply be long hair, but long hair of health and luster; healthy because the body within is also healthy.

   52 Nor should it be dyed, except with herbs that nourish such as sage, and then only to enhance your natural color and appearance not your vanity.

   53 Therefore let all women who would be Adepts grow their hair long. And let all men who would be Adepts do likewise, even if it is only from the side for those whose top is barren.  But let it never hang scraggly.  Let it be combed at the least, and made beautiful, with ties and jewels and enhancements of gold threads as you resonate.

   54 Concerning beards, the brothers have an advantage in this as women cannot grow beards. But let the sisters not take affront, for Elohim gave men the ability to grow beards only so they might have an extra tool to help call out their Celestine gifts, as Elohim has already endowed women with so much greater ability to call forth their gifts than men because of their weaker physical stature.

   55 Not every man can grow a beard of substance, and no beard is better than a scraggly one, or a partial one cut into the latest fashion, for these cannot make a good path of power anymore than can a head that has been shorn of hair.

   56 Nor is it necessary for a brother Adept to have a beard any more than it is necessary for him or any of the sisters to have a wand. If you can manifest your Celestine gifts without either of these or long hair, so be it. But if you cannot, you must consider the tools you can add to help you in your quest.

   57 I have given you three additional tools to help you discover the glory of your true self, and ask that you, the stalwarts, remember to do the Lanaka each day, and to expand into the world with your light through the Contemplative Movements at least once each week, and to walk the Path of Three at least once each moon.

   58 And if you would please the Elohim and grow greatly in your own power and faith, remember to fulfill your stewardship to overcome the negative vortexes that weigh upon the land, and to be watchful over the portals to the shadow kingdoms, protecting your world from theirs and theirs from yours.

   59 In your leadership to the Children of Light, give nothing to them by way of commandment, save the Twelve Commandments of Sinai and the Great Commandment. In all else, lead by example and allow each to emulate you if they choose, or walk a different path if that is their preference.

   60 If they want to grow in their knowledge and powers, they will attune themselves to the best path by their own choice and without compulsion.

  61 Concerning the Great Commandment, to multiply and replenish the Earth, remember to teach that this concerns all living things, not only children born of women. If someone chooses instead to be a good steward over the trees of the forest, the birds of the sky, or the fish of the sea, helping them to multiply and replenish, it is the same.

  62 But to ignore this commandment and to live only for self-indulgence, without faithfulness to the Great Commandment, is a terrible act of selfishness, and affront to Elohim who made men and women for a grander purpose and gave them greater capacities that they could fulfill the full measure of their creation." 

  63 Then Yeshua called out to Miriam and his children and asked them to come to him. When they came he knelt down and held his two children in his arms while Miriam put her arm across his shoulder. Looking up into their eyes he said unto them, “Lights of my heart; I have taken such joy in watching you grow. I am leaving this Earth we call home now and going to the house of my parents which is in the place of everlasting lights beyond the edge of the sky.

   64 But know that I am not leaving you, and I shall continue to watch you grow and have happiness unbound because of you, each and every day.

   65 Remember that which I told you before. Henceforth, in this life all others shall know me only in spirit; but for you I will always appear when you call to me.”

   66 Both children held him even more tightly at his words and began to stifle whimpers and tears. And he said unto them, “Cry not great lights of the Earth. This is not a day of sadness but one of joy, for in it is fulfilled promises made by the Elohim to the children of man since the dawn of creation.

   67 Go now to be among your brothers and sisters of light. Teach them by the good examples of your lives what it means to be Children of Light and sons and daughters of God, for thus they all are. More so than they even know.”

   68 Then he kissed them on each cheek, holding his cheek against theirs, then lightly on the lips, looking into each one’s eyes, saying “I love you.” Then hugging them once more together, he stood up and bade them to return into the circle.

   69 Now Miriam alone remained beside him, He put his arm over her shoulder and she put one arm around his waist, and held her other hand upon his chest and looked up upon his face.

   70 Yeshua smiled at Miriam, a soft smile of deep love and contentment, and said unto her, “You know this is the end of the beginning?”

   71 She nodded her head silently, and then replied in a soft voice, “Yes, my Lord, the third step of the twelve you have said must transpire before man and Earth are transformed into the crystal resonance of Celestine Light and the Earth rises to its glory.”

   72 Yeshua nodded his head in acknowledgment, saying, “Now you begin the fourth step my beloved Miriam. And it is the middle steps that you begin that will be the greatest challenges.

   73 Remember who you are, and that all things are possible to you; nevertheless, you must let the Apostles and Salome grow into their own lights by their own efforts, and not do for them what they can do for themselves, even when it causes them pain and failure in the attempt. For those are the stepping stones of tomorrow’s joys and successes.

   74 Take the life of no man or beast, save one that will demand it of you. For with your gifts and powers there is always another way.

   75 Be assured, I will be with you in your thoughts with my words in your head every moment you speak to me.

   76 I will not set foot upon this Earth again in the flesh, but will meet you in the everlasting lights each lunar cycle upon the night of the full moon, that we may renew our love in the bonds of warm embrace. And I will come in a semblance of the flesh for our children when they need me.

   77 Now I must go Miriam. My time on Earth is over. Yours is just beginning.

   78 Know that I love you with a depth and a breadth that is beyond the understanding of men.”

   79 Miriam looked at Yeshua with loving adoration, saying, “And so do I love you my beloved Yeshua; always and forever, beyond time, for everlasting and everlasting.”

   80 Yeshua bent down and kissed Miriam fully on the lips, and it was a long and lingering kiss, bringing tears to the eyes of almost everyone who was watching from the circle surrounding them.

   81 Looking up but still clinging closely to Miriam, and she to him, Yeshua spoke to everyone in the circle, saying, “Know that I love each one of you so very much. You are the brightest lights upon the Earth of this generation.

   82 In the times to come you will see great challenges. Know that these are given that you who are great might grow from the challenges and become even greater. They are some of your most wonderful blessings, if you remember who you are and to act accordingly. Then shall your challenges become your strengths and your joys.”

   83 Then Yeshua beckoned Salome and she came to him and he and Miriam held her closely, holding her hands, and kissing her on her cheeks. And Yeshua said unto her, “Your heart is one with Miriam and I am glad. She has great power now, but her heart still needs soothing and affection from one who loves her in sacred ways.

   84 Your gifts and powers are also great Salome, far more than you imagine. Go with Miriam for three years. She will cultivate the garden of your magnificence. Then seek to merge your light with a new star and cherish the new light that will be born.”

   85 Salome looked at Yeshua with some dismay, pleading, “I will stay with Miriam always my Lord. She is as one with me and I could not seek another star, for what star could be brighter than she or you?”

   86 Yeshua kissed Salome on her forehead and said, “Years ago, I told Miriam that one day she would meet another whose light would resonate so strongly with her that it could not be denied. She doubted it could ever be, but here you stand one with us today, the living testimony that it could.

   87 It is the same for you dear Salome. I ask nothing of you except to feel the resonance of your heart and listen to the harmony of your mind, each and every day, and then all will always be well.”

   88 “I will do that my Lord,” Salome agreed. “But my resonance and my harmony will always be with Miriam.”

   89 Yeshua nodded at her then kissed her once more gently on the lips, saying “I love you Salome.” Then sent her back to the circle once more, where she went and stood next to Kudar-Iluna, as if his great bulk might repel any other lights that might try to enter her heart other than Miriam.

   90 Looking once more into Miriam's eyes Yeshua said unto her. “Your time has begun my beloved. Command the Circles of Power.”

   91 Miriam kissed him one more time briefly, whispering “I love you,” as she looked into his eyes. Continuing to hold her left arm about his waist, she turned to face the circle, saying, “Hold forth your wands, each and every one.”

   92 At her command all wands were drawn, some of wood, some of shell and some of crystal.

   93 Then, still holding onto Yeshua by his waist with her left hand she drew her wand with her right and spun both of them around so they could pass in front of everyone in the circle.

   94 “Look up into the heavens and point your wands skyward,” she directed. And every wand quickly pointed to the sky.

   95 Then she pointed her wand straight up and said unto them, “Unite your auras as one. This is the Great Circle of Celestine Light.

   96 Send the aura that is one into the earth and call forth its power.

   97 Send the aura that is one into the heavens and call forth their power.

   98 Now as one let us say the sacred word of Celestine summoning.” With all wands raised to the sky, they spoke aloud, as one voice, the sacred Celestine word of summoning that cannot be written.

   99 As the word escaped their lips for a third time brilliant beams of light shot forth from the tip of each wand, uniting as one and shooting straight up into the sky until it could be seen no more.

   100 Then there was a tremendous rumbling upon the Earth and in the sky above like thunder from a thousand storms.

   101 Still looking upward into the sky, they saw a sight such as no men had ever before seen. Though it was bright day, the sky was suddenly filled with brilliantly blazing shooting stars in a rainbow of hues, converging from points across the heavens into a single nexus of blazing white light far above them.

   102 Miriam spoke to them again, saying, “Swirl the energy of the circle from east to west. Expand the light to fill the circle. Fill your aura with the light. Be one with the light.”

   103 Doing as she directed the circle was soon filled with a spinning vortex of white light that engulfed everyone. But each person, even the children, faithfully held their wands to the sky and kept their focus upon the light above.

   104 Suddenly everyone's feet lifted off the ground and as a group the circle of Yeshua's closest disciples began to rise up into the sky. But so intent was everyone in the circle upon their tasks that it seemed that not even one had noticed that their feet no longer stood upon the ground.

   105 Higher and higher the Great Circle of Celestine Light rose up towards the convergence of the multicolored shooting stars, until suddenly they were among them and Miriam said, “Lower your wands and see where it is that you are, and who it is that you are among.”

   106 In awe, everyone lowered their wands to their sides and looked around them in wonder.  Blazing like pillars of golden light stood hundreds of Angels in a circle all around them.

   107 And one called out, saying, “Martha.” Martha of Bethany looked to see her husband Yochanan, and she broke from the circle and ran to him with her children and he to them, and they embraced with rivers of tears flowing. And only here, in the sacred space between heaven and Earth, could this be done.

   108 Seeing Yochanan, Salome fell to her knees upon the empty sky, silent tears running down her fair face as she recalled that which she had done to Yochanan, taking him from his wife and children and causing him to be on the Earth no more.

   109 Seeing her grief, Yochanan and Martha walked over to her and pulled her up to them. Salome was crying in gentle sobs saying over and over again, “I am sorry. I am so sorry.”

   110 Martha and Yochanan comforted her, and Yochanan put his great arm around her lithe form, saying, “Wipe your tears Salome. You repented of this long ago. It is forgotten by Elohim. It is forgotten by me, and Martha. And now you too must let it go.”

   111 Yochanan laughed a great comforting laugh and said unto her, “Anyway we are family now. You are my...well I'm not exactly sure. But I know you are family. And I love you even as Martha loves you and has loved you all these years.”

   112 Salome smiled demurely wiping her tears away and laughed a little laugh and all was well.

   113 Then other figures came out from the ranks of the angels. They were not in glorified bodies as was Yochanan, but were astral spirits of the wives and husbands and children of all the people who were in the Great Celestine Circle of Light.

   114 Unlike Yochanan, because they were just spirits they could not touch and hold their loved ones, but their forms were clear and sharp. They were present in their spirits as Yeshua had promised and this gave great comfort to everyone, to have their family with them at this most special time in their lives.

   115 But Yochanan's time with Martha was brief. With a tender kiss he whispered into her ear words that only she could hear, and then returned to the ranks of the angels encircling Yeshua, the Apostles, and all who had come from Earth.

   116 Then Yeshua spoke again and all eyes were upon him. And he said unto them, “Remember who you are and to live your truth no matter the opinions of the world.

   117 Grieve not this day, for nothing is lost and much is gained. Live by the spirit of the Celestine Light of Elohim, and your next eleven years shall be as rewarding and glorious as all you have shared with me.”

   118 Yeshua kissed Miriam one more time upon her lips then stepped behind her with his hands upon her shoulders, and they spun in the air completely around the circle so that all could see them.  And he said unto them, “And I leave you with my greatest treasure; may she also become yours.”

   119 Then the angels held onto the waists of each of the angels beside them and their great outer circle began to spin and emanate a bright golden light.

   120 Yeshua and Miriam continued to turn slowly in the circle so all could see them, the third of three rings. And Yeshua spoke one last time to them, saying, “You are the lights of the world. Go forth and shine in your glory. Fear not, for always I am with you. Always I will love you.”

   121 As he spoke his last words the circle of angels was spinning so rapidly that it was just a brilliant golden blur of light.

   122 All eyes remained fixed upon Yeshua and Miriam. As they spun slowly in the middle they turned to face each other. They embraced in a deep kiss which was immediately overwhelmed by a blinding white light so intense that none could continue to look upon it and everyone's hands and arms went up to shield their eyes from the brightness.

   123 Then the light was gone and there was a great silence in the void. Slowly everyone lowered their hands and arms that had been shielding their faces from the blinding light. And looking to the center of the circle they saw that Yeshua was gone and all of the angels too.

   124 Only Miriam remained, standing alone in the center of the circle. Her face looked straight upward into the heavens. Only she had the eyes to see the pure light of God. And it lay upon her still glowing and gently undulating. Every inch of her body was radiating a soft, ethereal, white light.

  125 In the hearts of everyone there was an overwhelming feeling of the sweetest love; a Celestine Love. A love such as had never been imagined or experienced. It flowed through them and enveloped them and filled them with bliss.

  126 Still holding one another in the Great Circle of Celestine Light, they gazed at their friends and loved ones with smiles of joy writ upon every face, both young and old, and tears of heavenly happiness flowing down every cheek.

  127 Salome broke from the circle and went to stand with Miriam, putting her arm around her waist and looked up with her into the vastness of the dark blue heavens above.

  128 “Do you see him still?” she wondered.  Miriam nodded as she continued to gaze upward.  “I see everything Salome.  I see everything.  And it is more beautiful, amazing and glorious than I even began to imagine.”


The final word of Chapter 100 of Vivus, concluding the Revelation Bible was revelated and written on July 29, 2009


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