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Setting Apart the Apostles



Yeshua ordains and sets apart each of his Apostles for the specific tasks for which they will have responsibility. He then begins to teach them the mysteries of Heaven and how to be masters of all the energies of Heaven and Earth, which must be kept secret from the world but given to any of the Children of Light, who are prepared to receive them.


 1 After coming down from the mountain, Yeshua asked his Apostles to meet with him at his home that he might further instruct them. Along with Miriam, his mother, Martha, Salome, and his children and the children of Martha and Yochanan were also present.

 2 Martha brought out a basket of figs and another of dates, and the children were given the dates and sent to play in another room while the Apostles met, but the women who were not Apostles also stayed in attendance.

 3 Before he spoke, Yeshua looked out upon the faces of everyone, and sensing a discord in some of them, he asked, “Yohhanan, something troubles you, and I know it is not you alone. Please speak freely.”

 4 Yohhanan answered him forthrightly, saying, “Thank you, Yeshua. I am moved by more than one emotion and thought. I was lifted to the highest mountain by your words today, and the miracles I witnessed and the lives I saw changed.

 5 But I was also left to wonder, not in selfishness or pride, but just seeking understanding, why Cephas and Miriam were called upon to be bridges for the Celestine Light of Elohim, but the rest of us were not called or instructed on how this is accomplished.

 6 And I wonder about the presence of Salome, not among the Communities of Light, for certainly she is welcome, and not even in your home, as unusual arrangement as it is.

 7 But here among us, your chosen twelve, as we meet in private as a quorum, why is there any stranger who is not intimate family or of our quorum among us?”

 8 Yeshua nodded in understanding and said unto him, “Your questions are well placed, Yohhanan. All of you, my chosen twelve, shall do great works among the people of this land and some of you among people of lands far and away. Nevertheless, there are important reasons that today occurred as it did, and I would ask Cephas to answer your question further.”

 9 Seeming somewhat surprised, Cephas looked first to Yeshua, then to his brethren, and said unto them, “We are all apprentices to the master, no different than the boy who learns to fashion jewelry after years of watching and learning from the great goldsmith.

 10 So shall we learn to create jewels of light, by watching and receiving instruction from the Son of Light.

 11 Some of us, such as Miriam and me to a lesser extent, but still more than any of you, have had the honor of sharing many days with Yeshua, of hearing his teachings and seeing the miracles of Elohim flow through him.

 12 We are still apprentices, but each somewhat further along the path because of our greater time of instruction. We were not put above you, I think, but merely given the opportunity to use the greater knowledge we had gained from the good fortune of having had more time with Yeshua.”

 13 Shrugging his shoulders, Cephas concluded, “That is all I have to say.”

 14 Yeshua thanked him and then, speaking to his Apostles, said, “It is even as Cephas has spoken. Not through lack of desire, nor from lack of faith, but only from lack of knowledge of that which was required did I not call upon you?

 15 Miracles can happen from faith alone. But there are also specific things that you can do, both inside and outside, that can expand the miracle or focus the miracle or even manifest the miracle.

 16 It is only now that you are assembled as twelve that I can begin to teach these things to you, because it is only now that your life is fully dedicated to learning and understanding the mysteries of the Celestine Light that come from Elohim.

 17 Miriam has been with me from the beginning, from before the world ever was. All the mysteries of Heaven are known to her as she remembers from experiences in both this life and the one that came before in the realm of Celestine Lights.

 18 Cephas I have known since my youth. Though I have also known others of you since then, it is Cephas with whom I have spent much time with over the years. In our youths, we would sometimes set upon the lake shore after the evening meal, when I would come to visit the lake, and speak for many hours under the stars about the ways of Elohim and of men.

 19 You still have many things to learn and not from me alone, but also from Miriam and Cephas and from one another.

 20 The time will soon come when you are called upon to fulfill the full measure of your creation. Therefore, seek out the mysteries of Celestine Light every day, and soon you will hold the powers of Heaven in your hands.

 21 Concerning the presence of Salome among us, it would have been an insult to ask her, whose home this is, to go and stand outside while we speak, even more so as the children were allowed to remain.

 22 More than this, there is nothing I will teach you that Salome or any other Child of Light cannot also know. There are many mysteries of heaven which the people of the world shall never be given to know. But no secrets will be kept secret from the Children of Light once they are prepared to receive them.

 23 Yeshua opened his palm toward Miriam, “Now Miriam that has more to say concerning this.”

 24 Miriam nodded toward Yeshua and stepped forward and spoke to the Apostles, “It is a wonder to behold the ways of Elohim, none more so than concerning Salome.

 25 As you know, she has just come among us, and yet my heart confirms and my spirit testifies that I have known her from before this world ever was, even as I have known Yeshua and Martha and mother Miryam and each of you.

 26 Therefore, she is not a stranger, but an honored friend and member of my family, and I am overjoyed that she has returned to us, as is my sister Martha and mother Miryam.

 27 When you look upon her, please do not see a stranger, nor see she who once was the stepdaughter of Herod. When you look upon her, see me and Martha and mother Miryam, for she is a part of us and we of her.

 28 The people of the world could never understand this: how someone you just met could be treated as if she had lived within your heart and home all of your life. But in truth, we have lived with her for longer than life and shall continue to live with her and love her beyond life; therefore, she is not a stranger; she is dearest family. She knows it and we know it, and now you know it, so let there be only peace in your heart concerning this forever more.”

 29 Each of the Apostles was touched by the words of Miriam and thereafter treated Salome as a dear sister.

 30 Yeshua began to speak to them again, saying, “It is time that as a Quorum of Twelve, you are more organized, for Elohim is a God of order not chaos, and with order, time slows and much is accomplished.

 31 I have already spoken to you about the respective positions of Miriam and Cephas among you. Now it is time for Cephas to call two to stand by him as his closest counselors.

 32 Even as Miriam may speak for me when I am no longer among you, even so shall it be understood that the counselors of Cephas may speak for Cephas, with his authority, when he is not present.”

 33 Then turning to Cephas, Yeshua asked, “Whom do you call, Cephas?”

 34 Cephas looked into the eyes of the Apostles and then upon the eyes of two and said, “I call upon your brother Yakov and my brother Yohhanan to stand with me as my counselors”

 35 “So be it,” Yeshua said with approval.

 36 Then Yeshua asked Cephas to lay his hands upon the heads of his counselors and ordain them to that calling, giving them the right to know all he knew and the authority to act in his stead, and this he did.

 37 Addressing again the Apostles, Yeshua said unto them, “Now we must call upon one person to be responsible for the treasury of the Communities of Light, and he must call upon two counselors to assist him and to act in his stead when he is not present.

 38 For this important task, I call Mattayah, for he has had much experience with gold and silver and the payment of money for debts.”

 39 “Then turning to Mattayah, who bowed his head toward him, Yeshua asked, “Whom do you call to be your counselors, Mattayah?”

 40 Mattayah stroked his beard for a moment in thought, then said unto them, “I ask Yudas Iscariot and Philip of Bethsaida to help me with this sacred trust, for they have traveled some and learned things that will be of value in the stewardship of the coin of the communities.”

 41 “So shall it be,” approved Yeshua. “As the treasure of the communities supports both the community and our sacred purposes on Earth, tomorrow seek out two additional counselors from among the community members to also assist you in this important task.”

 42 Mattayah bowed his head again slightly toward Yeshua, saying, “As you will.”

 43 Then Yeshua called Mattayah to come forward, and Mattayah kneeled before him and Yeshua laid his hands upon his head and ordained him to his calling, giving him the authority.

 44 Once ordained and set apart, Mattayah called his two counselors before him and ordained them, even as Yeshua had done unto him.

 45 Turning now to the remaining Apostles, Yeshua called Shim’on the Zealot and ordained and set him apart to be the eyes and ears of the community in the world apart so that they might always be forewarned of the threats of men and prepared to preserve themselves.

 46 Turning to Toma, he laid his hands upon his head and ordained and set him apart to be his scribe and the scribe of the Apostles and to make a record of events that transpired and the teachings that were taught. And Toma was instructed to call two counselors from among the community to assist him with this effort.

 47 Then he called upon Ya’akov, son of Cleophas, and laid his hands upon his head and ordained and set him apart to be the Apostle responsible for learning and teaching the secrets of the Earth, the plants, the minerals, and the animals and how these can be used for healing and aids in manifesting other sacred powers.

 48 Then he called upon Yuda, son of Cleophas, and laid his hands upon his head and ordained and set him apart to be the Apostle with special responsibility to find and teach the Children of Light among the youth of the world.

 49 Lastly, he called upon Amram and laid his hands upon his head and ordained and set him apart to be the Apostle of music and to learn and teach others how to use music to accomplish miracles, great and small.

 50 Then turning to all of them, he said unto them, “Now begins your training in earnest to be Apostles and bridges of the Celestine Light from Elohim to man.

 51 From this day forth, not only shall you learn by observation, but I will teach you day by day all the mysteries of Celestine Light and how to be masters of all the aeons of Heaven and Earth.

 52 And this we will begin tonight, in this place, that you may know how to coalesce the aeon of Elohim that it can flow through you and bring about wonders both small and great, such as the world has never known.”

 53 But of these secrets, the world is to be kept in total darkness. Therefore, they cannot be written here, but are revealed only to the Children of Light, as they are prepared to receive the greater light Celestine.


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