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Revelations on the Road to Palestine



Lazarus returns to Egypt after an absence of three years to do some trading and to deliver good news to Yeshua and Miriam. After ten days of trading, he accompanies them on their return trip to Palestine. On their journey back to Palestine, Yeshua and Miriam speak in great depth, and he explains to her that he has finally come to know who he truly is and what he has come to do on Earth to fulfill the full measure of his calling.


 1 After departing the temple, Yeshua and Miriam returned to the house of Babuaten, and their children ran out to greet them with warm embraces and kisses, and Dara said unto them, “There is wonderful news; come inside that you may see for yourself.”

 2 But Uriel could not contain the surprise and exclaimed unto them, “Father, Mother, Uncle Lazarus is here, and he has brought great news and presents!”

 3 Yeshua and Miriam followed them laughing into the house and greeted Lazarus, whom they had not seen for more than three years. And Lazarus told them how he had been given greater responsibility in his father’s business and was now a merchant of some success and had come to Egypt with spices and nard.

 4 After Miriam and the children had given him news of some of the great moments in their lives in Egypt, Lazarus said told them, “Listen, for I have news of abiding joy; for I am now a married man, as is Yochanan. And my joy is full, for I now have a son, and Yochanan is blessed with a daughter.”

 5 Upon hearing this, Miriam embraced Lazarus with great affection and asked him with a knowing smile, “Who are the lucky women to have such men of God for husbands?”

 6 Lazarus smiled broadly and said, “No surprises, you know them both, dear sister; for Yochanan married our sister Martha as I am sure you suspected would occur, and I married Hannah to whom I was betrothed. A messenger was sent to you before the wedding of Yochanan that Yeshua might stand beside him, but the message returned undelivered, for you must have then been among the Nubians as I have heard.”

 7 Late into the night, Yeshua and Miriam and Lazarus remained awake, sharing with great joy the details of their lives since they had last traveled to Egypt together and reveling in simply being in each other’s company again.

 8 For ten days, Lazarus remained in Egypt, selling his goods and buying Egyptian papyrus, linen, perfumes, and blue glass to sell in Palestine. He anticipated a great profit and, as he had promised Yeshua, had dedicated his excess above his needs unto God.

 9 On the eleventh day, Lazarus and the family of Yeshua began the journey back to Palestine, in company with a caravan of sixty-two camels and many men.

 10 And Yeshua, having lived some years in Egypt, returned now to the land of the Children of Israel to his destiny, once again, as when he was a babe, fulfilling the words of the prophet of Hosea, saying, “Out of Egypt have I called my son.”

 11 As they journeyed across the barren desert, Miriam and Yeshua spoke to one another in great depth for many hours, and Miriam said unto Yeshua, “We return now to the land of our fathers and to celebrate joyous events in our family; why is it then that I feel a darkness overshadowing the path before us?”

 12 Yeshua answered Miriam, with reassurance in his voice, saying, “God has given you the sight to see things that are to be, but they are still far down the path. Therefore, you focus instead on the darkness that looms just ahead. But there is light too Miriam, and it is the great light to come that you must see with your eyes and feel with your heart.”

 13 Miriam nodded her head in understanding and then spoke with Yeshua about something that had dwelt in her heart for some time, “Remember when we sat at the Wadi under the stars when we first came to Egypt, and you spoke with Lazarus and Kudar-Iluna about who you are and why you are here?” And Yeshua affirmed that he remembered.

 14 Then Miriam said unto him, “Yochanan has said that only the Son of God could perform the miracles you have done. Elohim has shown me this in dreams as well. Yet on that day, which now seems so long ago, you were reluctant to say it was so, for you said there was still a mystery you must know.

 15 I have sensed that during our time in the desert, when you have communed much with Elohim, that you have found that which you sought. Tell me now, Yeshua, who are you, why are you here, and what will be tomorrow?”

 16 Yeshua reached out and held Miriam’s hand, saying, “There is more than you know in that question, perhaps even more than you or I wish to know on this day, in the answer.”

 17 And Miriam said unto him, “But I do want to know, for you are my husband, and I want to know your essence even as you know mine.”

 18 Yeshua answered quietly, saying, “I am a son of God, even as you are a daughter of God, and even as all who dwell upon the Earth are sons and daughters of God in their spirits.

 19 I know that we have a Father and a Mother in Heaven who are not two gods, but united in the God of one, the God of Abraham and Moses and all the children of the Earth.

 20 I speak with them many times in the day, and they with me. I hear their voices, and they hear mine. I am filled with their words, lifted by their spirit, and guided by their wisdom in everything I say and do.

 21 In humility, I affirm to you that I am not as other men; I have been chosen and set apart by our heavenly parents for a most high and holy purpose. I am the bridge to eternity. And by the Father and the Mother, I am called Son.

 22 But to work as a carpenter, to create beauty from simple wood, to share love with you and our children, to expand my soul by the experiences—good and bad—of life in the flesh, to slowly discover who I am and why I am here, and to fulfill the full measure of the calling my Father in Heaven has given to me, for all these reasons and many more, this life is a treasure.

 23 I seek each day to be sufficient unto itself, to live each day in fullness, in ways that are pleasing to my Celestine Father and Mother. Then all that comes to pass is as it should be.

 24 Nevertheless, you have sensed true, for during our sojourn in Egypt, my Father in Heaven has shown the path of my earthly life in entirety; I now know all that will come to pass. And very important among the things to come is that you will be beside me through all my days among the children of men.

 25 As to my future, where I shall go, whom I shall meet, or what I shall say or do, all is only as our Father and Mother in Heaven desires it to be. He ever whispers in my ear, and she ever moves my heart.

 26 Remember the words we have spoken in times past, how before I was born among the children of men, God gave unto the minds of the Egyptians and the Greeks and other peoples, visions of things that were to come. And they wove these truths among their myriad of false beliefs.

 27 This he did that the world might be prepared for the truth when it was among them.

 28 So it is that many have believed that a God in Heaven had a son, born of a mortal virgin, who came to Earth to benefit the world. Yochanan says that I am the myth made real.

 29 I am humbled, Miriam, and though I tremble to know it, to you above all others I cannot deny it, for my Mother and Father in Heaven have told me it is so, but neither will I affirm it before any but you until the day my Father shall first say it unto them.”

 30 Miriam was greatly humbled and told Yeshua, “Surely you must be the Son come to Earth, for you know all things and fulfill the promise that all men would desire to be and do miracles such as never have been known among the Children of Israel.”

 31 Yeshua answered, “Every birth is a star from Heaven, for all have come to Earth from the presence of God, our Father and Mother.

 32 And within this life is eternal salvation, through the faith men have, the humility they retain, and the testimony of the life they live.

 33 And unto the righteous is given the sacred promise to return in eternal glory, from whence they came.

 34 I was born of my mother Miryam, but I know I am not of her. How she came to birth me has always been the cause of much gossip in Nazareth, for it was known that Yosef, her husband, was an upright man of God and knew her not in a carnal way before I was born.

 35 Though Miryam was above reproach, there were some who spoke in the darkness that she had conceived before she was married. The weight of this came greater upon her after it was seen that I had blue eyes, while both Miryam and Yosef and all of their kinsfolk had brown eyes. Thus, it was as a mark of shame that I came to be called Yeshua of Nazareth by some instead of Yeshua bar Yosef.

 36 That bothered me not at all, nor did Miryam or Yosef care, for when you know who you are and Heavenly Father’s purpose for you in life, the idle gossip of the unknowing is as worthless as dust that blows away in the breeze and is forgotten.

 37 Think not by all that I have said that I make myself greater than other men, for I have come to serve, not to be served; and there is no miracle I may do that others of faith cannot also do, if they will but desire it with every fiber of their being and call upon Elohim with holiness in their life and a pure and unwavering faith in the certainty of Elohim to work a miracle through them.”

 38 Listening to her husband, Miriam was filled with the Holy Spirit and saw Yeshua in a new light, and she said unto him, “My Lord, why have you chosen me and what is to become of us?”

 39 Yeshua looked into her eyes with deep affection, “Miriam, I chose you before the world was and you chose me, and for that long have I loved you. The path to the highest eternal glory can only be walked by man and woman together, and we chose to take each other on that journey beyond time and beyond the stars.

 40 Know that I am here to do the will of our Father and Mother in Heaven. I see what they desire me to see. I do what they desire me to do and live even now as they are pleased that I live.

 41 I have been called of God to bring the Celestine Light to the children of the blessed, for they have been chosen among all the people of the Earth to first receive the fullness of the light, because of the faithfulness of their fathers.

 42 From among them shall come a few choice lamps that shall take the light that I bring and give it unto every nation, kindred, and tongue. It is they who will open their hearts and receive the light more than the Hebrews, for the beliefs and myths of the Gentiles have prepared them more for the truth.

 43 And only a handful among the Hebrews will see me for who I am and come unto me, and the inheritance I brought to them from Heaven shall instead be given unto the Gentiles.

 44 Woe unto the Children of Israel; I cry already for their fall. So many will look to me, seeking to see the manifestation of their dreams and will be blind to see the glory of the light beyond their desires. They will seek from me that which I do not bring and will reject that which I do.

 45 Except for a precious few, they will turn away from salvation and instead walk away from the illumination of Heaven. They will be left empty, without a home until the day of their redemption, when their children of the last epoch will open their eyes and hearts, embracing the light the parents could not see.

 46 The day shall come when by the Romans and the priests, I will spill my blood upon the ground. But do not weep for me on that day, for it is not the end as all others will fear, but is the beginning of the coming of the fullness of the Celestine Light of Elohim, which shall go forth from that spot, on that day in Palestine, into all the world. And it shall be you, Miriam, who shall hold the highest torch.”

 47 Miriam wept at his words, and Yeshua said unto her, “Fear not, beloved, for the time is not yet, and to die is one of the reasons that I have come to live.

 48 Know that no man could take my life save I willingly gave it unto them. And this must be so to fulfill all righteousness and bring to pass the immortality and exaltation of the worthy.

 49 I am the last sacrifice. And because of the love of Elohim for the children of men, in me, the debt of the iniquity of man will be paid in full, for all those who believe in me repent of their sins and live the Celestine Light.

 50 And they shall inherit glory and happiness such as man cannot imagine in a world without end.

 51 Remember now my words, for after that dreadful day, I shall sleep in the Earth but three days. Despite the wounds upon my body that you will see, you will hold me again in life and wholeness.

 52 For this is the last great cause for which I have been born of woman; that through me, all may have eternal life. And that which they have sowed in life they shall reap in eternity: those that have lived evil to damnation and those that have lived the light to exaltation.

 53 But of these things, speak to no one. They are for you alone to know with certainty until the day that the Son rises again.

 54 We yet have years to share before those days, but I tell you this day to remember always that you are called to a high and holy calling, and none shall ever know me as you do.

 55 After my physical body has again the breath of life, I can tarry for but one or two moons before I must return to my Father and Mother in Heaven. But you must remain for many moons to give courage to the faint of heart and keep the faithful true to my light.

 56 Verily, some will rise up, even from among my flock, and will lead many of my sheep into deep pits. Therefore, it must needs be that there is one whom everyone understands knows me as no other, who can speak the words that I spoke and tell of the life that I lived and do the miracles that I did and more, that the way of truth will be made clear for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

 57 And I say unto you, be not anxious about your life, but trust in God, and you will ever be protected and guided until your calling is done, and we are together again in the glorious Celestine Light of Heaven from everlasting to everlasting.”


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