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Yeshua and Miriam bid Yochanan and his disciples farewell and Philip asks if he can walk with them and hear more of Yeshua’s teachings. Yeshua asks him to ponder a question, and if he answers correctly, then he can learn more; if not, then he must first learn more of the foundation of light from Yochanan. Philip answers correctly, and Yeshua asks him to follow him and promises to teach him the mysteries of God so that he may go forth to teach others.


 1 Upon the sunrise, Yeshua and Miriam rose and asked Yochanan to lead them in the Contemplative Movements, and this he did, teaching the movements and the meaning again to his disciples, for many were lax at exercising and communing with God in what seemed to them a foreign manner.

 2 When they were finished, Yeshua and Miriam bid good-bye to Yochanan and his disciples, and without eating a morning meal, as was often their custom, they began a walk to the north.

 3 And it came to pass that Philip came after them, and with him came Malachi, who had traveled the previous day from Jericho to hear Yochanan preach.

 4 Hearing them approach, Yeshua turned and asked, “What do you seek?”

 5 Philip answered, “Rabbi, we are not disciples of Yochanan, but came only to hear him a few days ago for the first time and to be baptized. If we may, we would like to walk with you, for we desire to hear more of your teachings.”

 6 Yeshua smiled and told him, “Let me see if you are prepared to understand all that I would teach you. At sometime during the day, after you have weighed the merits, tell me if the kingdom of God dwells within you or without.

 7 If you give the correct answer, you will open the door and gain entry to the pinnacle, but if you answer wrong, then you must return to Yochanan and learn more of the foundation before you can climb the tower.”

 8 Then knowing the aversion of men for a woman to be held equal among them, Yeshua turned to Miriam and asked her, “I desire solitude as we travel, for I have much to contemplate. Would you therefore speak with Philip and Malachi, concerning the kingdom of God?”

 9 Turning to Philip and Malachi, Yeshua said unto them, “I will listen to your conversations as we travel, but desire for you to speak only with Miriam. Anything you would ask of me, ask of her, and anything she would speak to you, it is the same as if I had spoken it unto you.”

 10 The two men were shocked by the directive of Yeshua, but realizing this was a test of their worthiness, they did not protest, but folded their hands to their chest and bowed their heads in deference to that which he had spoken.

 11 And it came to pass that the mother spirit of Elohim came upon Miriam insomuch that she was enlivened to remember all that she knew, and she engaged Philip and Malachi in a deep discussion that astounded them, for she spoke not only of the law with knowledge, but also of the words of the prophets and the philosophy of the Greeks and the secrets of the hearts of men that women should not know.

 12 Many a time, Philip or Malachi thought to make a counterpoint, but before they could form their thoughts into words, Miriam began to answer them.

 13 Finally, the frustration of Philip could be bound no more, and he said unto her, “Miriam, my head is overflowing with your words insomuch that it aches. You speak as the most learned rabbi, and I did not even know this was such a large subject. Let us learn no more until we have understood all that has already been spoken.”

 14 Malachi added, “The words of Philip are true; if all of the teachings of Yeshua are so full, I fear our heads will become so heavy that we will not be able to keep them on our shoulders.”

 15 Miriam laughed a little and said unto them, “The teachings of Yeshua are like being overwhelmed by a great sandstorm. At first, you may be surprised and confounded, even dim in sight because of the immensity of that which swirls around you, but if you hold fast to your faith and endure through the winds of bewilderment because of that which is new, then the haze and storm will pass, and you will be left in the glorious sunlight of Elohim, with a peace that surpasses all you have known and a warmth sent from God that lifts your heart and fills your soul.”

 16 Around midday, they stopped and shared a meal, and even then Yeshua did not speak, but seemed distant in his thoughts.

 17 But Miriam and Philip and Malachi continued to speak of the kingdom of God, and Miriam said unto them, “The kingdom of God begins in your heart, and if it is not there first, then it is impossible for you to ever find it in this life or the next.

 18 And were the kingdom upon the Earth but not in your heart, the gates of the kingdom would be closed to you, not because it was not desired for you to be numbered among those who dwelt there, but because knowing not the kingdom in your heart, you would not seek it in your life.”

 19 Upon hearing her explanation, Malachi pursed his lips and asked her, “But if the kingdom is upon the Earth and in it, there is peace and plenty with no tyrants or wars, how could it be that everyone would not desire to belong to such a kingdom?”

 20 Miriam answered, “Those without faith would rather cling to misery than embrace the faith that would bring them joy, because they cringe at the light and find comfort only in the darkness.

 21 In truth, would you be happy if you lived in the company of the Roman soldiers and traveled with them as they killed and tortured the innocent, even if you would be given generous food, silver coin, and the spoils of war?”

 22 Malachi shook his head, saying, “I would not, for their ways are not my ways and I would always feel like a stranger among them, and their ways would certainly be strange and distasteful to me.”

 23 “So it would be with the kingdom of God upon the Earth,” Miriam explained. “For those of faith who had God in their heart, the kingdom would be the most joyous place to be, for they would be one in spirit with all others within the kingdom.

 24 But for those who did not have the kingdom of God in their heart, the ways of the people of the kingdom of God upon the Earth would seem repugnant and disagreeable.

 25 Though they would be welcomed with love and abundance, until the spirit of God lived in fullness in their heart, they would turn their back upon the kingdom and hold its riches of no value.”

 26 Then Malachi shook his head in disagreement, saying, “The Children of Israel are not seeking a kingdom of the heart or of the spirit, but a real kingdom of power ruled by a king who is ruled by God, that we may be free from the bondage of the Romans and any other oppressor.

 27 For as in the days of our forefathers, when God is with us, who can withstand us? Tell me plainly, is Yeshua this king or is he a prophet who will reveal the Anointed One to the people? Surely, if ever there was a time that the kingdom of God was needed on the earth, it is now.”

 28 “What does your heart tell you?” Miriam asked.

 29 Malachi responded, “My heart does not tell me anything. I do not ask my heart such questions. I am looking for what my eyes can see and my hands can touch. You speak of a kingdom of the heart, but such a kingdom cannot defeat the Romans.”

 30 Then Yeshua rose and stood before Malachi and, breaking his silence, said unto him, “Friend, you look for a king anointed by God to overthrow the yoke of the Romans; but verily I say unto you the kingdom of God begins in the heart, and where dwells two or more hearts united in God, there does the kingdom begin to manifest upon the Earth.

 31 By heart upon heart shall Rome fall, and by heart upon heart shall the kingdom of God rise up and fill the world.”

 32 And it came to pass that Malachi departed from them, for he knew not his own heart nor in whose presence he stood, and he desired to see the kingdom of God with his eyes before he found it with his heart; therefore, he was not filled by the words of Miriam or Yeshua.

 33 But Philip had listened quietly to all that had transpired, and Yeshua turned to him and asked, “Where is the kingdom of God, inside or outside?”

 34 Philip answered unto him, “The kingdom is inside me, for I feel the presence of the spirit of God moving my soul; but also, I feel my heart united with yours and Miriam’s and a oneness with you that fills me with joy; therefore, the kingdom must also be outside, for two or more are joined together and upon this road, we walk as one united in spirit and purpose.”

 35 Yeshua smiled broadly and said unto him, "Blessed are you, Philip, for it is not just by reason that you have understood this, nor only by your heart, but because the spirit of Elohim has come upon you that you know the light.

 36 Therefore, I say unto you, come and follow me, and I shall teach you the mysteries of God, that your light may go forth among the children of men, and they will find the kingdom within and without because you showed them the way.”


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