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When Talitha, the wife of the Apostle Toma, becomes ill, Yeshua takes the opportunity to teach everyone how to determine the source of her illness, as well as the herb that will heal her, and emphasizes once again the importance of knowledge.


 1 The following morning, they continued their journey toward Tyre. As they walked, Talitha, the wife of the Apostle Toma, complained of pain in her stomach.

 2 Toma immediately desired to heal her by giving of his essence, but Yeshua asked him to refrain for the time and continue walking for a few minutes.

 3 As they walked on the land near the beach, they came to a place where Yeshua bade them stop. And turning to face them all, he said unto them, “Both small and great miracles of healing can be done by giving of your essence to the person needing to be healed. But this should be the last choice, not the first.

 4 In all things, seek to do that which brings the greatest growth to both you and those around you.

 5 To heal someone by giving of your essence requires pure love and faith, both on the part of the healer and the person being healed.

 6 When a healing is thus done, the love and faith is confirmed and thereby magnified. And that is the entirety and completion of the growth, save for future actions that may come because of the faith and love that was magnified.

 7 But there are most often other means to heal besides giving of your essence. And when the affliction may be small, such as a stomach ache rather than great, such as paralysis, then it behooves you as sons and daughters of Elohim, our Father and Mother, to gain and utilize your knowledge before your essence.

 8 Gaining knowledge, and regularly using the knowledge gained, is as important as gaining faith. And in both this life and the next, the rewards for those who gain and use both knowledge and faith are great.

 9 When someone comes to you with a sickness or affliction, you must first determine whether they are truly desiring to be healed. Many people complain mightily about their afflictions, but when offered the cure, they are unwilling to take it when it involves a change in their habits, which things they love more than they hate their affliction.

 10 If you have felt their spirit and know that they truly wish to be healed, even if it means a change in their habits, you must then ascertain what is the true cause of their affliction, and that is where we are now with Talitha.

 11 We know she is a good and pure woman of faith, truly undesiring of her affliction and willing to do whatever is necessary to alleviate it.

 12 So let us consider what could be the cause of her pain.” Then turning to Talitha, he asked, “How long has this pain been upon you?”

 13 Just since this morning,” she replied.

 14 Looking then at his friends, Yeshua asked, “From the things you already know and that I have taught you, what are some of the likely causes of her pain?”

 15 Marit answered quickly, saying, “She could be pregnant as this could be the nausea of the morning, heralding the birth to come.”

 16 “No, I do not think it is that,” Talitha interjected, “As it is more pain than nausea.”

 17 “It could just be an upset stomach from the berries we ate this morning,” suggested Yudas Iscariot.

 18 “Or from drinking impure water,” added Salome.

 19 “It could also be the warning of something more serious,” Cephas added somberly.

 20 Yeshua clapped his hands once, and smiling at his friends, he said unto them, “Excellent! These are all well-thought possibilities. With those in mind, let us now look with insight upon Talitha’s aura.”

 21 So saying, Yeshua came beside Talitha and passed his left hand several times over her stomach without touching her and a few times further up even to her head and then said unto her, “With your permission, Talitha, may all of our family with us this day come and do as I have done?”

 22 “Of course, Yeshua,” she answered.

 23 With her permission, Yeshua bade them to each come and move their left hand over Talitha as they had seen him do, and they each came forth. He instructed them, saying, “After you have first used your thoughts and observations to determine the possible causes and have looked for evidence in her pallor and her eyes and her tongue and her nails, and whether she is hot or cold, dry or sweating, you now must see or feel her aura, that you can know the seriousness of the symptoms and how deep and far they spread into her body.

 24 I have taught each of you to see the sparkling jewels of light the body emanates, showing the state of all things both spiritual and physical. Now learn to feel this energy as well, for to feel is a more sure knowledge than to see.

 25 Pass your left hand over her stomach; close, but not touching her; feel how the energy thickens and grows warm as you are over her stomach; how your hand tingles a little.

 26 Now move over other parts of her body and see how the energy thins and cools and no longer tingles. This is showing you that her problem is only in her stomach and that other parts of her body are neither affecting nor affected.

 30 Return once again to her stomach and hold your hand still and close. You can feel the beat of your own heart in your hand; now feel the pulse of her heart in her aura.

 31 Close your eyes and lose yourself from all things around you and be one with Talitha’s aura. Do you feel another aura beating, or only yours and hers? Answer me only after everyone has felt Talitha’s aura.”

 32 One by one, they all came and did as Yeshua bade and then answered his last question with unanimity, saying they had only felt the beat of their heart and Talitha’s.

 33 “Therefore, you know she is not pregnant,” Yeshua expounded.

 34 “Did you sense a spreading beyond her stomach of the affliction?” he asked.

 35 Again, they answered with unanimity that they had not.

 36 “Then it is likely that it is as Yudas has said that her stomach rebels against that which she has recently eaten.

 37 Within our sight is a quick cure for stomach ailments. Who among you knows already of this?”

 38 Several among them raised their hands in answer to his question, and Yeshua pointed to his brother Yakov to answer the question. And Yakov said unto them, “It is the scrub you stand beside.” Pointing at a sage-like plant near Yeshua, he continued, “Maramiyya is the cure, even as it is also for problems of breathing and women’s afflictions and depression or nervousness.”

 39 “Yes, it is as Yakov has said and as many of you already knew,” Yeshua responded. “Merely chewing on the leaves or drinking a tea will alleviate all the symptoms of Talitha. And not eating those berries again in such a number as she did this morning will prevent the affliction from ever returning.

 40 Therefore, though you have been given great power to heal by giving of your essence, I beseech you to diligently teach one another of the many miracles of the Earth our Father and Mother have given to you and use the gifts of the Earth for all of which they have been provided before you think to give of your essence.

 41 And know that all my days left among you, I will impart knowledge to you like a spring that ever flows that you may become bounteous fountains of life and Celestine Light.

 42 Therefore, hold your essence unto yourself until the moment when it is truly needed. Upon that time, with faith and love, release the light, and nothing will be impossible to you.”


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