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Explanation of Entities



Yeshua teaches his Apostles and Salome about the portals that enter into the worlds of different resonances and the purpose for them.


Explanation of the Lower Kingdoms 

  1 The following day Yeshua took them to a spot where the river cascaded in a small waterfall into a circular pool cut into the rock by years of erosion.

  2 Yeshua pointed to the pool, saying, “Stare at the space in the air immediately above this pool. Do you notice anything unusual?”

  3 They all stared where he indicated and Cephas said, “I see a vortex of energy, a distortion of the air like heat waves upon the hot desert sands, like the vortexes you have taught us to look for since our trip to Tyre.”

  4 “Very good Cephas,” Yeshua commended. “But there is still more here to see.”

  5 “I see something more,” Salome said somewhat timidly as if it were not her place to speak.

  6 “What do you see?” asked Yeshua.

  7 Salome pointed to the far bank of the river and said, “Over there, near the waters edge.  Look through the vortex in the middle of the river over to the far side and there is a strange blue light that is spinning.”

  8 Everyone looked to where she was pointing and many quickly exclaimed in wonder at what they saw.

  9 “Who has ever seen a color blue such as that?” wondered Toma.

  10 “It is more than a color,” Philip said in awe. “It is as if it is alive.”

  11 “How could we have not seen it before?” added Yudas Iscariot. “It is more brilliant in hue than anything I have ever seen, with an entrancing spiral movement that seems to beckon us.”

  12 “Everyone look to me for a moment,” Yeshua requested, and everyone turned their heads to him to comply.

  13 He held their gaze for just a few seconds then invited them to turn again and look at the shimmering blue spiral.

  14 As they turned they all exclaimed once more, but this time with dismay in their voices.

  15 “But it is gone!” Cried Yohhanan.

  16 “Can anyone see it still?” asked Shim'on. Everyone shook their head negatively in response.

  17 Shim'on turned to Salome and asked, “How about you Salome? You were the first to see it. Can you see it still?” But Salome said that she too could no longer see the blue spiral light either.

  18 Then all eyes turned to Yeshua and he explained, “What you saw was a gateway to one of the worlds of the lower kingdoms.

  19 Natural portals such as this are very rare. But when they are found they will always be immediately adjacent to an energy vortex or even within them.

  20 That the vortex may be positive or negative is not relevant to the gateway's presence.

  21 Today I will teach you how to create these portals so you can travel to the lower worlds of the shadow kingdoms, and also how to block the gateways for a time when necessary, so that no living thing from them can travel here to your Earth. And it is for that cause that you will most likely ever act.

  22 The gateways always remain in place, but the door itself is seldom opened by its natural cycle.

  23 To command its opening when not at a time of its natural cycle requires a secret Celestine word of power, which is: (not written). Do not reveal this word to any but the highest Adepts, even upon threat of death, lest dreadful things may be unleashed upon your unsuspecting and unprepared world by those who understand not what they do.

  24 The gateway you saw emerged during its natural cycle, which, in the case of this one, is to appear for thirty seconds, once every day, one hundred and fifteen minutes after the sun has risen in this place.

  25 Other portals may remain open for a minute or two longer and some for seconds less during their natural cycles, and some may remain open for much longer.

  26 While this gateway opens each day, others may only open once every fifty years or even one hundred or one thousand years.

  27 The longer time between openings, the longer the portal will remain open, with one of a thousand years remaining open for many moons on its natural cycle.

  28 However, all gateways opening on their natural cycle or by your command, can be held open for any period of time by your focus. As Celestine Light Adepts, as long as your eyes remain fixed upon them they will remain visible to your sight, even if the time is long past for them to vanish.

  29 But the time of the shadow worlds is not in harmony or synchronicity with the time of the Earth upon which you live, save for the interior of the tunnel gateways which bridge both worlds. Because of this, neither is the coming of their day or night or the length therein the same as the one you know.

  30 The moment you look away, even if only for a blink, time moves in both worlds, but not the same, and the portal will close if its time is past. This is what happened with this gateway when I asked you to look to me.”

  31 Yuda raised his hand as Yeshua finished speaking and asked, “This is all most interesting Lord of Light, but what has it to do with our stewardships here on this Earth with the people of this world?”

  32 Yeshua answered, saying, “There are dangers in the shadow worlds of the lower kingdoms; threats to the people and creatures of this world that are unlike anything seen here.

  33 Though you cannot travel from this kingdom to one that is higher, those creatures of the lower kingdoms can travel here.  From time to time some of the more dangerous ones are drawn through the gateways. Though their time in this world is short, they can wreck much havoc and misery on man and beast during those few minutes or hours.

  34 Other times people or creatures of a higher order from the lower kingdoms are drawn through the portals. They can exist for an even shorter time in this world than the lesser creatures before they are pulled back into their own, but can still do much mischief while they are here.

  35 So too can people and beasts from this world be drawn unsuspectingly through an open gateway into one of the shadows if they are caught in a gateway when it opens.

  36 Some will perish over there and return to this world only as a corpse. Those that return alive are most often so disturbed by what they experienced that they return as empty shells of their former selves.”

  37 Salome raised her hand and when Yeshua spoke her name in acknowledgment she questioned him, asking, “Why did our heavenly parents create such dreadful places?”

  38 Yeshua answered her, saying, “Know that there is nothing created by the Elohim that is not for the good of man, and for the good of all the creatures that have been created throughout the heavens. Though how that is so may sometimes seem difficult to grasp without a full knowledge.

  39 That you may understand, I will tell you that all things including the Elohim, must have exposure to a mixture of light and dark and other energies that are part of the light and dark, to thrive; not an equal balance, but a mixture.

  40 It is easy for a man to be virtuous when he is surrounded only by virtue. But what kind of strength does that give to his character and his soul?

  41 Far greater is the man who remains virtuous even when tempted; for in overcoming the temptation he adds to the strength of his character and the energy of his soul.

  42 But a preponderance of temptation will break the will of many virtuous men. Therefore there is a balance that must be found; enough opposition to build strength, but not so much as to overwhelm the foundation of virtue.

  43 The tree that never has to struggle to reach through the canopy to find its share of light, and stretch its roots into the earth to find sufficient water and nourishment, never reaches the fullness of its possibilities, but remains forever just another average tree among many.

  44 Understand then, that challenges make you stronger if you do not shirk or run away from them.

  45 And more than this: they are necessary for your growth. They provide the nutrients to your life to help you reach your fullest potential even as the earth provides the nutrients for the tree that struggles through the hard clay and sends its roots deep into the fertile ground.

  46 A tree that stands out alone in an open valley, always receiving abundant rain, sunshine and only gentle breezes, planted in fertile soil that is easy to till, may be fruitful but it will never become a giant among trees for it lacks the opposition necessary to push itself to become greater than it is.

  47 When the Elohim created all the Earths that exist, we did not make them all the same; not only are the climates and sizes different, but so is the light and the air and the quality of the water.

  48 Beyond these physical attributes, the very energy of one Earth is exceedingly different from the energy of another.

  49 Each and every world within each of the seven kingdoms, has been given life that is compatible with its environment.

  50 But each and every world, if left only within its own environment would soon cease to be a source of life for its inhabitants.

  51 A room must have windows and doors that fresh air may come in, else it will stagnate. So too must each world have breaths of fresh air to enliven them, else they will also stagnate and become inhospitable to the life they nurture.

  52 This is the primary purpose of the gateways between the Earths of the Salanha kingdom and the shadow worlds of the lower kingdoms- to reinvigorate each world with a portion of the energy from other worlds that are very different.

  53 This is why all of the gateways have been set to open at the time given by the Elohim, and this for time without end.

  54 So too do the worlds of the Salanha kingdom receive fresh breezes of greater light from gateways to the Koropean, Celestine and Elohim Kingdoms. But to these kingdoms you may only pass as your whole soul becomes in their resonance on your path of eternal progression.

  55 Understand that all life upon the Earths of the Salanha kingdom, and all upon the worlds of the lower kingdoms, and all life upon those of the higher kingdoms, are connected, and in some ways dependent upon the energies that each receives from the other kingdoms.

  56 Without this exchange of energy, all things would stagnate and their eternal progression would end.

  57 In the past I have charged you with the stewardship to keep the vortexes of positive and negative energy in balance wherever you go.

  58 And to build up the Communities of Light as safe havens of virtue for the Children of Light and as beacons of the light to all the world.

  59 And I have charged you with going forth into the world and finding other Children of Light, and to enlighten and bless them, and to bring them into the fold with you, that they may be baptized and numbered among you.

  60 Now I give one more charge unto you: to become aware of the gateways to the lower kingdoms and to watch over them all across your world. I shall teach you how you can accomplish this charge.

  61 And it shall be your responsibility to see that no Ganish ever gains a knowledge of how to open a gateway.

  62 And if one does gain this knowledge and begins to open gateways at times other than those given by Elohim, or to seek out the dangers therein, it is your duty to place a spell of forgetfulness upon them that they can remember the gateways no more.

  63 When, from time to time, people or creatures from the worlds of the lower kingdoms intrude onto your Earth, it is your responsibility, not to close the portal, for it is necessary for the free flow of energy between worlds, but to send them back to their world and cast a net of disresonance across the opening that unwanted visitors can no longer pass through until the time of the net is over.”


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