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Discovery in the Wilderness



Yochanan and Yeshua begin to suspect the divine nature of Yeshua’s creation when, on one of their outings, plants of all kinds spring up out of the barren ground in abundance wherever Yeshua steps. Yeshua falls out of favor with the Elders and priests of Gimron when he affronts the established order by speaking out as a youth, which strengthens his resolve to fulfill his purpose on Earth.


 1 And it came to pass that Yeshua remained for two years at Gimron as the angel had bid Miriam. He grew strong in the wilderness and climbed often upon the steep peaks about the village to meditate and commune with God.

 2 Yeshua and Yochanan studied diligently with the priests and people of Gimron, nevertheless they were not part of them, and this was acknowledged in the community insomuch that when their daily spiritual and temporal duties were completed they were given freedom to do as they wished.

 3 And it came to pass that they spent much time together wandering in the wilderness about Gimron, praying and fasting and communing with God.

 4 Yeshua and Yochanan spoke often of the sacred scrolls and the prophecies of old and of that which had happened in their lives. They knelt many times together in prayer upon the mountains and called upon God for wisdom. Through these efforts, they each began to understand who the other was and Elohim’s plan for them insomuch as was revealed to them at that time.

 5 It was during one of their wanderings in the wilderness that they discovered with certainty the divine nature of Yeshua, for one day as they walked along a dry creek bed, Yochanan lamented the barrenness and spoke of how green it might appear after the spring rains.

 6 And Yeshua said to Yochanan that he could also see its beauty in his mind and as he thus spoke, thick clouds quickly formed like a column over the area, and in moments, they were laughing as rain fell in torrents in the late summer when there should be none.

 7 As Yeshua continued to walk with Yochanan behind him, Yochanan beheld that plants of all description began to spring forth out of the ground in abundance, in a circle of green, expanding behind the feet of Yeshua. And they stopped and looked around them in amazement, and Yochanan nodded his head with understanding, saying, “Surely, you are more than my kin Yeshua, for by the son of no man could these things occur.”

 8 Thus, it was that Yeshua and Yochanan first came to ponder upon the divine origin of Yeshua, and they gave much thought to his purpose in life.

 9 But of these things, they spoke to no one and Yeshua said, “Perhaps it is so Yochanan, but let us keep that within our own hearts, for I am still young and have much to learn and would not be presumptuous before God.”

 10 When they were not in the wilderness about Gimron or working in the fields, they studied long hours with the priests at Gimron and learned from the sacred scrolls of the teachings of the prophets and of the history of the Children of Israel in Egypt and even down into the present day and how God had joined them in days past.

 11 And it came to pass that one day as Yeshua and Yochanan sat silently at the rear of the brethren in meeting, as was proper for the youth, and they listened intently as the spiritual leader of the community spoke of the heresy of the current priests of Jerusalem and mourned the loss of the old ways of the Israelites of Egypt.

 12 Then Yeshua forgot his place as a youth and a guest and posed a question, saying, “The paths of the Almighty are pure and simple. Therefore, what does it matter, the old ways or the new ways of the priests, when both are more concerned with unnecessary ritual than the foundations of salvation and the perfection of life?”

 13 At this proclamation, all the Elders and priests were taken aback, both at the affront to the hierarchical order which the community strictly adhered to and at the very words Yeshua had spoken.

 14 Rather than answer him in anger, the leader bade both Yeshua and Yochanan to depart from the room, and thereafter, Yeshua was not so favored, having greatly affronted the established order.

 15 But from that simple moment, he was changed, for he had again spoken the truth before the priests and the brethren, despite their disapproval, even as he had at the temple in Jerusalem and felt not cowed by being in disagreement with men in high places, but strengthened because he spoke forthrightly for the Elohim whom he loved.

 16 Thus did a fire come alive in his heart, and a restless longing began to stir in his soul, calling him to fulfill his purposes on Earth.


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