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In Yeshua’s seventeenth year, his father Yosef dies. Yeshua explains that mortal death is merely passing over to another land, and for those you love, there is no separation because they are still with you, for love is eternal, and you will be reunited. Therefore, we should not mourn, but celebrate the lives of those we love when they pass on.


 1 In Yeshua’s seventeenth year, his father Yosef died.

 2 Many of his family called upon Yeshua to bring his father back from the dead, as it was rumored he had done with a priest at Gimron, but Yeshua said, “My Father in Heaven has called him to his glory, and though I miss him and feel the sorrow of my mother Miryam, it is not for me to call him back, for his time in this world is done.

 3 He has been a good and faithful servant and has fulfilled his calling. He goes now to the place of Celestine Light and glory to await his friends and family and prepare a place for them.

 4 Therefore, do not feel a deep emptiness, for nothing is lost. He who you love has merely traveled to another land, apart from you only for a time. But his essence is still here with you each day and will remain with you as long as you desire it to be so. For that long will he continue to watch over you, to give you comfort, and to whisper his wisdom to you in your dreams.

 5 I say unto you, have not sorrow but joy, for all those who live righteously shall be with him again in a marvelous wonder, from everlasting to everlasting.

 6 Verily, mortal death is merely a small step on your eternal journey of life. While you tarry in life, never forget those who have passed beyond the veil, for they are with you still. Remember them in your prayers each day, for they are not dead; they live! And in their prayers, they remember you.

 7 Therefore mourn not, for the righteous are only parted in body for a breath of eternity, and in the spirit in your heart, not at all. I say unto you, rejoice, make glad music and dance, celebrate the life of the one we love!”


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