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Upon his return to the Communities of Light, Yeshua speaks to the Children of Light about the vortexes of darkness in the world. He tells them that as Children of Light, they should seek out the vortexes and subdue them, bringing light instead of darkness and providing everyone that resides in the vicinity greater opportunities to become the light they are capable of becoming, and create the eternity of their hopes and dreams.


 1 And it came to pass that they returned to their families in the Communities of Light on Lake Gennesaret and told them everything that had transpired on their journey to Tyre. Only of Elissa’s true identity they made no mention, for Yeshua had asked them to keep their silence in this, and she was accepted in the communities as simply a new sister of light, as it was not unusual for new members to be added to the communities when Yeshua returned from a journey.

 2 When the Children of Light next met to edify one another, Yeshua spoke to them, saying, “We journeyed to Tyre not to preach, but to conquer darkness. By diminishing the darkness, we gave the people of Tyre a greater chance to find and embrace a greater portion of the light while they are in mortality.

 3 To diminish darkness and bring more light to the world is one of your great purposes in life as Children of Light.

 4 Do not suppose that you just happened to be in harmony with the fullness of the Celestine Light when it first came upon you. Verily, you were exceptional before this world was and held in esteem by Elohim. When the Celestine Light came upon you in this life, you felt a resonance with your true identity that your heart could not deny.

 5 Every person born into mortality is given this life to create their eternity, and by the choices they make while upon the Earth, so shall their eternity become.

 6 But for you, choice souls who are Children of Light, more is asked of you by Elohim, even that you would give a special lifelong service to all those who dwell now upon the Earth, that they might have a greater opportunity to walk the path of light rather than darkness and inherit eternal glory rather than despair.

 7 Evil and heartless actions create an oppressive darkness that remains long after the perpetrators have departed. The greater the evil, the more the darkness encompasses.

 8 So pervading and heavy may the aeon of darkness become that even good people become burdened by its weight upon their hearts and minds. Coupled with the vexing challenges of life, they may fall into despondency and depression, and good may turn to evil simply out of hopelessness and despair.

 9 Thus it has been in Tyre since the time of Alexander of Macedonia, and so it is in many other places, both great and small, because of evil acts committed in those places.

 10 Even as evil creates darkness and weighs and oppresses, enticing men to the part of them that is darkness, so good creates light which frees and uplifts and calls men to the greater part of them that longs for the Celestine Light.

 11 This then is the special calling that Elohim has given to every Child of Light: to do good in the world, to create light which abides and uplifts upon the land, and, more than this, to find darkness wherever it abides and spread such a brilliance of light upon it that it becomes but a shadow, no longer having influence upon the hearts of the people of that land or place.

 12 Consider a boy who had been raised among a family and a people that had fallen into darkness. Each day, all that he saw was mostly of darkness and evil and only occasionally some small act of kindness and light.

 13 Then there was another boy that had the opposite circumstances. He was raised among a family and a people that loved and promoted all things of light, and everything he witnessed each day in the words and actions of those around him were of kindness, forgiveness, love, and light and only occasionally of pettiness and darkness.

 14 Which of these two boys would most likely grow to become a man of light? Of course, it would be the second. Though he could still fall into darkness, even as the first could still find and choose the light, the second because of the light he was raised in would have the greater opportunity.

 15 Verily, I say unto you: It behooves you as Children of Light to seek out the vortexes of darkness upon the world and bring the Celestine Light to subdue them, that the world may grow in light not darkness and that all upon it may have greater opportunities to become the good they are capable of becoming and create the eternity of their hopes and dreams.

 16 Go about your daily lives overcoming and growing each day in your personal challenges. But do not neglect or forget this special calling from Elohim given to all Children of Light, to be accomplished as they have the knowledge and ability to fulfill it and led always by one or more Adepts.

 17 There are two ways whereby united in purpose, you may subdue the darkness and encourage the light. The first begins in your communities where you should not suffer people or things that oppress, degrade, or take advantage of the weak to be among you. Nor should you suffer the unrepentant to remain among you or those who create a continual disharmony in the community by their words or actions.

 18 Know that the natural man is the adversary within and an enemy of the Celestine Light. This is why your greatest growth comes from conquering yourself.

 19 In the world, the natural man is continually enticed by greed and lust and power. Oftentimes, so great are the enticements and so continual and pervasive that even the best of men in a moment of weakness submits to the abased desires of their adversary within.

 20 Therefore, in the Communities of Light, see that those things that promote the light are encouraged, while those that promote the darkness or needlessly tempt the adversary within are forbidden.

 21 If a brother or sister wishes to partake of the sins of the world such as gambling, or unrighteous sexual gratification, or taking drink or herbs that addle the mind, or eating to gluttony, or exercising unrighteous dominion over others, let them leave the community and go and live in the world they wish to be like, until they have repented and are ready to live again among the Children of Light, in the ways of Celestine Light.

 22 Sufficient are the challenges of each day even in a virtuous life to overcome the adversary within. Additional and unnecessary temptations should not be tolerated or appeased, for they have no place in your life, in your family, or in the Community of Light.

 23 The second is in the larger world, where you must seek out vortexes of darkness such as the one that was upon Tyre and, united in desire, focus, love, and faith, subdue it with the powers revealed to the Children of Light.

 24 That you will understand how this is accomplished, my Apostles will go among you now and in the coming days and weeks and months and teach you the secrets and mysteries that I have taught to them that you may be able to wield this sacred power.

 25 In the days to come, you will be scattered upon the Earth: some here and others there. No longer will you be a community of one as you are now in the towns upon the north shore of Gennesaret, until the time of the gathering when your time on Earth is fulfilled. And this needs be that your light may touch the lives of many in the world and not just a few.

 26 In the years to come, there will arise churches and religions built upon vestiges of my teachings, and they will do both good and evil in the world. Do not associate with them, for they shall have a form of the light, but not the substance.

 27 Seek only to find and discover other Children of Light and gather them to you, in whatever your circumstances are, and teach them the secrets of the kingdom.

 28 Think not that you must build great temples to Elohim, for the only temple Elohim cares to see you build is the temple of your body and the simple sanctuaries you build to gather together to edify and instruct one another with words and music and light.”

 29 Even as Yeshua spoke it, so was it done. The Apostles went forth that very day among the Children of Light and began to teach them the secrets and mysteries of the power that Yeshua had shown unto them in Tyre.

 30 And from that day forth, as they became accomplished and capable, Children of Light went forth upon the world in groups of two or more, and most often three, subduing the darkness and bringing the brilliance of the Celestine Light.


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